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Garden of the Gods


I’m back home!!

After being gone with the hubs on vacation for 10 days we arrived back in Houston yesterday afternoon. We had such a great time, exploring and being with family. Hubs had never been to Colorado with me, so it was a lot of fun to show him where I grew up. I lived in Colorado from 5-17 so it played a big role in my life. 

I took a tonnnnnn of pictures, so I will be sharing them with you this week!

We got into Colorado on Friday, the 27th, and went straight up to Garden of the Gods before we headed to Grandma’s (where we stayed). I had only been to Garden of the Gods a couple times before, and don’t remember walking around that much. Hubs and I got out there and were running around on the rocks as much as we could. Holy Altitude!!! We were walking up stairs (walking people- just walking)  and I stopped for a second and asked hubs if he was as out of breath as I?! I was trying to hide it, feeling like a chubster that couldn’t walk- that altitude was a killer! I had a headache every afternoon- the entire time we were there. No fun! It felt like sinus pressure, but all over my head. I wasn’t expecting it. I guess I’m adjusted to Houston Humidity!








Tips for going to Garden of the Gods:

  • Bring water with you when you get out of the car. Everyone carry a waterbottle!
  • Wear shoes with grippers (not your Zumba shoes- you’ll slide too much…trust me – I learned the hard way)
  • Pack a lunch and stay a while!
  • Bring a camera and take a million pictures- its gorgeous up there!
  • Watch your kids! Don’t let them go on places where it says do not enter! #smh #ihadaheartattack
  • That being said it IS KID FRIENDLY! As long as you’re a responsible parent. #iknowyouare

Come back tomorrow for more pictures of beautiful Colorado!

-Happy Tuesday-

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