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Gifts for Guys

gifts for guys

1. Cold Pressed Coffee Concentrate // 2. NFL Jersey // 3. Gold Metallic Playing Cards

4.// Wooden Keyboard // 5. Man Crate // 6. Book Phone Charger

Today is my Dad’s Birthday! I don’t know about you, but I have the hardest time shopping for guys! I mean, they always go out and buy everything they want. It’s not like you can go buy them a cute necklace, or scarf, or just go crazy on Etsy. Everytime one of the boys’ birthdays comes up we are all scrambling trying to remember something they’ve asked for, something they might want… Its not easy.

So I put together this gift guide for guys. And hopefully these gifts for guys will be things they’ll actually like!

1. The Cold Pressed Coffee is fabulous. I’ve bought it before from Whole Foods. All you do is add water or milk to it. It has less acid in it than when you brew coffee, which makes it easier on your stomach. Also when its pressed and bottled like this it makes grabbing coffee in the morning super easy! Especially if you like your coffee cold. If not, you just heat it up in the microwave and go!

2. NFL,  I mean, most guys like football! You can’t really go wrong here. If not football, pick their favorite sport and player and you’re golden.

3. These cards are just cool. And every guy needs a deck of cards, whether he plays frequently or not. Its like a guy thing, right? #menmusthavecards

4. This keyboard, not gonna lie, I want one too. I’d be pretty jealous of any guy that had this, but I’m pretty sure they’d love it. Super manly, right?

5. Okay, if you haven’t seen these man crates before, you’re missing out. They’re pretty neat. They have so many options. Ones for gamers, athletes, carnivores.. I mean, they have a lot of cool ones so you should go check it out.

6. My mom got my dad one of these book phone chargers last year for Christmas, and this is really cool! There are tons of book options on Etsy too. So check them out!

Do you have a hard time shopping for guys? Or do you always have awesome ideas? if you do- share them with me, because I always need them!

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