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Grey Bedroom

grey and turquoise bedroom
Literally, the color grey not the book. Come on now. Get your head out of the book.

I was re-arranging our room the other day and decided it was about time to share some pictures of our house on the blog! I mean, its only been 3 years since I started blogging… and I do talk about decorating on here so… #mybad Sometimes Pinterest makes us intimidated to share how our home really looks! Pinterest is deceptive people. Not everyone’s homes (mine included) is Pinterest perfect. But I do love our grey bedroom. I’m so glad we decided to go with that color for the walls!

We’ve had the same and dresser since we got married (almost 4 years ago!), and the nightstands we added about a year later. The picture above the bed? I’ve had that since I was … 17? See – not everyone has brand new stuff all the time! You’re not alone. Sometimes you just got to work with what you have.

black and grey bedroom grey and neutral bedroom
Newer things in this room… that gorgeous bench/ottoman. My parents got it for us last Christmas! We’d been searching for one for our room forever. We were being a tad picky. So when they gave us this we were so excited! By far, the favorite piece of furniture in our room. Maybe the house? (minus our dining table- I’ll have to show you that soon…)

The other new thing in the room is our quilt. We have a thick comforter that is dark grey, but it is way too hot for us to use in the summertime! So this year we bought this quilt. We love it! I love the brightness it adds to our room. Its going to be hard to switch back to the dark comforter for winter.

yellow and grey bedroom
Those books- we got them from a garage sale about 2 years ago. We got the entire set, and they all still had the covers on them (u-g-l-y) but underneath, love the design! They’re gorgeous. I grabbed the colors that matched our room and set them up. The rest are in the garage waiting for their time to shine.

neutral master bedroom
grey master bedroomOur Lavender aromatherapy reeds are from Massage Heights. That is the smell I’d get when I went for a massage so hubs got it for me on my birthday this year. I love how relaxing the smell is for our room. Its perfect.

The honeycomb pattern jar was an Easter special from target. The topper has a bunny on it, but I loved the color and it was on clearance for like… $4? Shopping at Target & Hobby Lobby after the holidays for things that don’t look holidayish and will match my house is my favorite thing to do!

The jewelry dish is from my sister (JCrew I think?) And the moose is from a shop in Colorado- I got it on our trip there this summer. Isn’t he so cute? I may  have a moose problem… wait until you see what I got from Z-Gallery.

Do you bargain shop for your house decorations? What are your tips?

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  1. You know…of all the times I’d been to your house I’ve NEVER seen your bedroom! It’s about time I got to see it! I love it! I’m dying over that bench! Where is it from and how can I get one?!? And yes…need to see the dining room table sooon! Did you get it in the house? Thanks for sharing – love this post! Oh…and you know me…I love to bargain shop! Garage sales, Craigslist, side of the road, freebies from friends, ya know how it is! :)

    1. Whaaa? How have you never seen our room? o_0 Crazy. Um… and I’m gonna have to find out where the bench is from! lol
      Yes- finally got the table in the house!! I LOVE it.

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