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Happy Birthday Day!

 Hey Everyone! :)) Guess what?

 Its my birthday! :))

 *hehe* Yep.. I’m …… Well. How old do you think I am? Leave me a comment telling me how old you think I am, and I’ll tell you if anyone guessed right, tomorrow in my post.

 So, ever since I’ve been married birthdays have been a little… weird? Like. I wake up and Brannon leaves for work, so I am home by myself. What do I do on my birthday?

 I was going to go over to my parents and go swimming, but I can’t go over there until later this afternoon because my handsome hubs accidentally locked his keys in the car. *oops* So I gotta meet him at lunch so he can get back in the car.

 So.. I’m blogging. feel special that I love you guys so much that I wanna blog on my birthday?  And then… I might should will go to the gym. I think. And then meet hubs at lunch time with keys, and then.. idk. :)) Anything I want to I guess!

 What do you do on your birthday? I’d rather not have one and just stay the age I was yesterday. :))

 Oh! And since I’m so wonderful. I decided to do my very FIRST GIVEAWAY TODAY!! On my Birthday! :)) yes… I’m amazing. 

 I am going to giveaway a SMASH book to one lucky winner! :)) If you don’t know what a SMASH book is, I am so sorry. hehe Because its amazzzzing! And you can read all about what it is since I dedicated an entire post to it.

 The giveaway is open NOW and will run until June 14th. :))

 So, for my birthday present, please enter the giveaway and share with all your wonderful friends!

 Have a wonderful Breanna’s Birthday Day, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

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  1. HAPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I’d enter the giveaway but I already have a Smashbook (and I have yet to crack it open yet, due to lack of time! It’s on my to-do list, for when I get back Alaska)! Anyways– my guess is 23 (:

    Have a fantastic day!!!

  2. I’m going to guess 26, since that’s what I just turned! :) I would love a smash book because I would use to it keep stubs, brochures, memories, etc of all the things me and my hubby have done together and when we have kids I can pass it on to them so they can see what their parent’s were like before them! :)

    Happy Birthday! Have a great lunch! Are you making it or going somewhere?!

  3. Happy Happy Happy Birthday! My guess is 24… Smash book would be fun because I scrapbook but I always have extra items that just don’t fit in my book.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET GIRL!!!! And I feel your pain.. you get a “happy birthday sweetie” in the morning before the hubs leaves for work, and then complete silence except of course all those alerts going off on your phone from Facebook with your birthday wishes!! LOL

    Good news is that you’re spending some time with your family later and your hubs of course!!

    LOVE that you’re giving away this awesome possom smashbook… I saw it at Target the other day, and I held off!!!! For this reason WOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. awhh happy happy birthday sweet bree!! as to how old you are, you’re so pretty and im gonna guess 25? and i’d love to win the smashbook to give to my 18yr old sister! I received one as a Christmas gift last yr and love it and i know my sister would too!! :) thanks lady!

  6. Happy birthday girllll!!!
    Im gonna say 21… only cause its a really fun birthday and one that I plan on celebrating for the rest of my life… except my real guess is 23!

  7. HAPPY 67th BIRTHDAY!!!
    I hope I guessed incorrectly or correctly and in that case you look AMAZING!
    I have to win because I need to see what these smash books are all about.

  8. I’m guessing 25 and I have no idea what a Smashbook is but if its like a scrapbook I would def. use it. I’ve seen them around. I’d put all my movie and concert tickets in it!

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