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Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! I hope this evening finds you happy, healthy, full of peace, and excited for 2014!

What did you do new years eve?

We went to hang out with a couple of friends, and tried to stay out of trouble. I cooked a whole bunch of yummy food for us to have, so with our healthy lifestyle change beginning now, I indulged in many delicious, unhealthy, foods last night Because really, the easiest way to make yourself change your lifestyle is to make yourself sick of the current one, no?


Here’s what I made:


1// Mini Stuffed Red Potatoes  Tasted, and its yum! Made them with light sour cream, and turkey bacon, so they are more healthy.

2// Thai Turkey Meatballs Really really good! Nice and moist too, no need for a sauce! Also healthy … saving the fat for dessert, ya know?

3// Smores Bars Tasted, YUM! Um, no. Mine do NOT look like the picture. #dangit  But they were soo yummy. If you do make this recipe I suggest using a 9×9 pan. It calls for an 11×13, and I used a 9×11 and even that was too big. Definitely use a 9×9.

4// Peanut Butter Cheese Ball  Y’all, this is so freaking good. If you love peanut butter you will devour this! If you don’t love peanut butter…. really? How do you NOT like peanut butter? #americanstaplefood


For the most part- we stayed out of trouble. I love our friends neighborhood on New Years Eve. This is our second year to go over there, and its sooo much fun! One of those neighborhoods where everyone that lives there comes out on the street to light fireworks and ring the new year in together!

Aside from a firework going off only 7 feet above ground instead of the 30ft it was supposed to go off at…. fireworks were great! Yes- we are all okay. Stunned, and so freaking glad we didn’t get hurt though, because 4 of us were sitting on the sidewalk in front of it. I have NO idea how we didn’t get hurt, It could have been really bad! lol. We were too stunned to even move! Samantha and I got up after it happened, I just remember Brannon saying, oh crap, that’s not good, and then BAM!! FIREWORK EXPLOSION! hahah. Yeah. Amazing we’re not all burnt, lol.

So that was midnight, before then we were playing games, and then afterword we came back in for more games. Lots more games. I haven’t stayed up that late/early since I was a kid. I mean, you’re supposed to be getting up at 5:30am not going to bed right?……… yeah, we may have had that all backwards last night. Still suffering tonight, feeling super tired. But ya know what. We were making some awesome memories with our friends.

I can’t wait for this year’s new years eve!


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