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Happy Tuesday!

Hello lovelies!! I am so sad I didn’t get to blog yesterday, I missed you guys!!

I am busy finishing up summer finals. Today is the last day, and I just have one presentation to finish up! *whew* Well… for Summer 1, that is. Summer 2 starts on Thursday and it’s a “Fitness for Life” class from 8-10 M-Th. *barf* I am not looking forward to that… at all! Have you noticed, I am not a morning person? I like to sleep in. Its bad. And at 8… I’m going to have to leave right before hubs does on Thursday. Not cool.

So… I’ll let ya know how the first day of that goes, on Friday. :)) Wish me luck and lots of energy on Thursday morning!


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Now, I get to introduce you to my lovely sponsor swappers for the month of July! If you’re interested in swapping with me for August I would love to have you! Please go to my sponsor page. And link up! :))

PS- You can click on their pictures to view their blogs, so please show them some love!

For July, I asked all my swappers: What did you do for the Fourth of July?



1. Meredith: Well on the fourth I went on an awesome, sweaty, hot, hike.  You know, the ones where you are drenched afterword…and it is not from pouring water all over yourself. Gotta love that humidity!  I am also proud to say that I played at a children’s water splash park.  It was really hot and my husband thinks our community pool is a breeding ground for diseases, so instead we ran through the kiddies’ splash park. I am not sure if that is any better.  I also ate half my weight in watermelon and I loved every second of it.  And of course, it just wouldn’t be the fourth without fireworks.  I got to watch two amazing shows and remember how lucky I am to live in such a great country.  God bless America!  

2. Tyler: For the Fourth of July I played tennis with the husband in the morning. The rest of the day was family time watching baseball games and barbecuing! :)

3. Clara: Hi, I am Clara! I blog at Happy in Life Young in Love. This 4th of July my husband and I went with some of our new friends family get together. We set of fire works, at good food, and Ryan even won a pie eating contest!


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4. Breanna:  For the 4th I went to a party at our friends house where there was tons of food, drinks, company, karaoke, and Fireworks :) It really was a great time and it was probably one of the best 4th of July’s I’ve ever had!

5. Courtney: What did I do for the fourth of July: My boyfriend and I went to a block party at my roommate’s parents house. We swam, had a BBQ, played with our puppies, ate lots of food (oops!), had a HUGE water balloon fight (I’m talking over 1,500 water balloons just for their house alone), roasted s’mores and watched the fireworks. It was such a blast!

6. Alex: I had an extra long fourth of July celebration this year! It started on Friday the 29th when I went to watch some fireworks at my local university campus. Then on Wednesday morning I watched the Amazing Spider-Man! And finally, I enjoyed some hamburgers with friends and went to a nearby park to watch all the fireworks around us until around 11:30pm… It sure was a busy day!


Aren’t they so lovely! :)) I have some awesome sponsors this month, and I hope you’ll want to be a part of it in August!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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  1. Hey hey now!! Cheers to finishing up the first round of summer class!! I’m sure you’ll be fine with your new morning class… besides it only lasts a few hours. You’ll be done in no time then take a nap in the afternoon!!

    Missed you friend!! xoxo

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