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Healthy Snacks


Hello. My name is Breanna. And I am a snackaholic.

Its trueeeee. How did I gain weight? Sure I love sugar and all that comes with it, but honestly, its mostly from oversnacking. And that would usually mean snacking on not so healthy things.

I just love to snack! I can’t help it.

So instead of trying to stop snacking I have been trying to come up with good healthy things to snack on. For me, I can’t not snack, ya know? Like that would be a horrible DIET for me. So I have to find healthy things, otherwise I’ll deprive myself, and then grab something not so good for me.

So here are some healthy recipes I found on Pinterest and I wanted to share with you!

1// Roasted Chickpeas, and she gives you four different seasonings to put on them, or you can make your own! This is so great, you can make them crunchy and sweet or crunchy and salty, and they are still healthy AND have protein? Sweeeeet! Can’t wait to make these.

2// Smoothies. I loveee me a good smoothie. I even replicated an Apple Cinnamon one from Smoothie King. I’ll have to get you guys the recipie. BTW- did you know you can make smoothies the night before so you can just grab it and go in the morning or though out the day when you need a snack? I didn’t know that. I thought it would separate and do something weird. I’m pretty excited to try.

3//Citrus Lime Salted Edamame. I love edamame, it tastes good and it has protein to keep you full. Plus it’s a vegetable, so that means low in calories and fat. She tells you how to make a citrus lime salt to sprinkle on top to add some extra yumminess.

4// Uhh hello yummy apples! Oatmeal and cinnamon with a little brown sugar on an apple? Okay, the brown sugars not perfect, but when you need a dessert and don’t want to break the calorie bank, these little apple crisps are perfect!

5// Cookies? Sign me up! I am a huge cookie fan. There is NO sugar and NO flour added! It has: Bananas, apple sauce, oats, almond milk, raisins, vanilla, and cinnamon. Sounds delicious! Going to be trying these … like tomorrow.

6// And here is a list of some extra stuff you can grab at the store!


Are you a snackaholic like me? What is your weakness when it comes to eating healthy? Eating unhealthy is a bad habit we gotta break. I overheard a girl at the gym last night telling someone on the phone “I don’t eat NORMAL food anymore, I am trying to eat Healthy Organic food.” This kinda stopped me in my tracks (plus the fact that I was dead from the elliptical). I think its sad that we’ve become a nation that thinks the “normal” food is the unhealthy food. But honestly, I think its true. That’s what people buy, its so easy! It would be so much easier for me to grab a bag of Cheetos Munchies or Peanut M&Ms when I want a snack, but that’s not good for me. It’s a conscience choice to eat healthy. And its hard!

Do you think its become “normal” to be eating the bad, processed foods? I’d love to get your opinion!


Happy Wednesday!


PS- Welcome to all my new followers!! I am so glad you’re here.

PPS- I am linking up with The Vintage Apple and Because Shanna Said So, today!

6 Responses

  1. Apples stuffed with oatmeal??!!?! OMG… never seen it but looks scrummy!!

    I’m a snack-aholic my self, and totes trying to make the right choices :/ I can use some work in that department!

    Happy Wednesday friend! xo, Bev

  2. Haha I actually have really strong opinions on unhealthy snacks becoming the norm. It’s a horrible habit that can cause diseases, obesity, and create problems for future generations as well! Thanks for writing about this Bree!

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