No for real, can you?

*sigh* My blog. Well… .a while back I got an email saying that I needed to renew my domain name. Okay, no big deal! Except I forgot, and when I did remember it was too late. My blog is doomed. It’s back to until further notice… or I change my domain name, or google finally emails me back.

Don’t die laughing, it could happen.

So if you can read this… please leave a comment, because I’m pretty sad about this predicament I’ve gotten myself into.

Also- its funny how because for a short while, while I couldn’t get my blog to work, I was having major post inspiration!! Which has not happened in like….. way too long.

So a quick recap on how things are going in my end of the world…


Or you may be thinking of Christmas shopping more like this…







So… that’s what’s going on with me. How about you? :) Ps- I hope you can read this post.


Happy Thursday!

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