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Hello? Can you read me?

No for real, can you?

*sigh* My blog. Well… .a while back I got an email saying that I needed to renew my domain name. Okay, no big deal! Except I forgot, and when I did remember it was too late. My blog is doomed. It’s back to thethingaboutjoy.blogspot.com until further notice… or I change my domain name, or google finally emails me back.

Don’t die laughing, it could happen.

So if you can read this… please leave a comment, because I’m pretty sad about this predicament I’ve gotten myself into.

Also- its funny how because for a short while, while I couldn’t get my blog to work, I was having major post inspiration!! Which has not happened in like….. way too long.

So a quick recap on how things are going in my end of the world…

  • Christmas is almost here! Time to finish…


Or you may be thinking of Christmas shopping more like this…



  • Then there are all of the holiday parties. Thanksgiving there were two, last week there were two, this week there is one, and next week there were two. Then Christmas with my family, Christmas with hubs family, Christmas in Louisiana, and then there is New Years. … Basically I’m getting fat, and Its bad. Too much food and drink, gahh.



  • Work is going good. But seriously, trying to focus on work this time of year is ridiculous. First year of not being a student during the holidays = no winter break = me doing this…



So… that’s what’s going on with me. How about you? :) Ps- I hope you can read this post.


Happy Thursday!

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