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Here’s to a New Year


No no, its not new years again, don’t worry! Although, rumor has it that Hobby Lobby has all their Christmas stuff out!! Too bad I’m not a crafter that makes money selling Christmas décor, or I’d be all over that. If I brought home Christmas décor right now, hubs would have a heart attack. Or cut my credit card…. *note to self- hide cards*

My Birthday was on Saturday!

This one freaked me out a little- I just turned 25! My dad texts me this (from my mom’s phone, hence why it says Dad in the text).

Screenshot_2014-06-09-11-33-19 (2)

Thanks for the reminder dad. . . Although, it probably freaks him out more than it does me. Also- I should probably add pictures to my little faces so it doesn’t look like random ppl are talking to each other, eh?

Hubs gave me those beautiful roses you see above the night before my Birthday. *swoon* Saturday he brought home a yummy breakfast from Panera and we sat and watched a few episodes of Scandal while we ate. (recently started watching Scandal. I. AM. ADDICTED. 1/2 way through season 2. Can’t. Stop. Watching.)

After that we got ready and headed up to The Woodlands that afternoon. Walked around the mall, lunch at Cheesecake factory, caramel apple (yes, instead of cheesecake… I love me some caramel apples) spent some time at Barnes and Noble.

Funny Story! …. or awkward, if you’re the people of which I’m telling this story about.

I went upstairs in Barnes and Noble to look at the cooking books (because its my birthday, and I’m obsessed with cake books) Well, all the cook books are along a long wall, with aisle on the side next to them. I start at one end and hear someone breathing heavily. First few thoughts were, 1) Someone is having a hard time breathing and may need a doctor, should I check on them? 2) Maybe its someone that just has a hard time breathing due to an illness. . . So I keep looking at the cookbooks and work my way down the wall, towards the heavy breather. Then I see out of the corer of my eye, two teenagers sit down rather quickly and flipping through a book…. Oh yeah, on the, what’s the section called? Meh, we’ll just call in the Sex Book Aisle.

Basically I died laughing. And wished so bad that Brannon was upstairs so he could see how hilarious this all was! I keep slowly walking by, because 1) I know its making them uncomfortable, 2) The newer southern cookbook cake book is right in front of me. Girl is still breathing heavily, and boy is like “Oh, I could do that” – In reference to said book they are looking at.

hehe. Silly horny teenagers. Thanks for making me die laughing. :D



So, after Barnes and Noble we headed over to Market Street (a shopping center with a nice grassy area in the center, and fancy restaurants) and I scored two J Crew Shorts for just $18 each! Being one that only ever shopped at J Crew Outlet, I was so excited! Don’t disregard the regular store guys, just keep an eye out on that clearance area!

Then we ran into Sur la Table, where I picked up some polka dot cupcake liners, and a knife sharpener. And got sad for a moment because the last time we’d been to Sur la Table was when we were celebrating all our birthdays, fathers day, and graduation, with my family. *sniff* hug from the sweet hubs, and then whisked out of there to take my mind off it. #hereallyisthebest

Had dinner at Salata with my in-laws and then we went bowling! I’ve never bowled with my in-laws before, and we had a lot of fun! Finished it off with late night dessert at BJ’s Brewery, and then headed home, opened up a surprise present my siblings sent me, and then slept like a baby. (I’d been sick for the past couple days, and all day that day- so I was pretty proud I’d gotten to do all that on my Birthday- I was determined!) 

The next day we went to church, had lunch, and then went to some friends house to hang out! She and I went and got pedicures and then spent the rest of the evening soaking up some sun in the pool, eating pizza, and playing games.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, and to my family and friends for helping me have an awesome weekend! <3 Y’all rock!

-Happy Monday-

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  1. Sounds like a great birthday! Come over this week so I can give you birthday wine and goodies!! I’m sorry I couldn’t help you celebrate. This weekend was nutty!!
    I love the the Barnes & Noble story…so funny!! I thought that stuff only happened in movies!!

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