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Hiking and Camping Zion National Park

Zion National Park is one of five national parks in southern Utah and it has been on our list since we got started on this crazy journey back in July. I can’t believe we’ve been on the road for 9 months… On one hand it feels like we haven’t lived in a normal house in a million years, and on the other hand, it feels like we just started and can’t believe we’re coming to the end very quickly. August will be here before we know it and we’re trying to make the most of every moment.

Back to Zion! So, we camped in Zion National Park and as far as views go it was the coolest campground we’ve stayed in. We only had electric hookups so we had to be very mindful when we used water, and the only showers available (outside of our RV of course) were close, but you had to pay to use them. So we just used ours and ended up going to fill up again just once. We stayed at the park for 4 nights.


What you should know if you’re going to Zion National Park:

  • Stay in the park if at all possible! We never left and, as we were pulling out the last day, the line to get in the park was so long. We were so grateful we camped inside the park otherwise going into the park through those long lines would’ve been brutal, and we probably only would’ve done it twice.
  • Book early. We lucked out when we got our spot because we waited way too late to book.
  • Book EXTRA early to stay at the lodge. There is a lodge inside the park and we were told that it is booked out about a year in advance! It’s worth it to go, but make sure you book ahead of time.
  • No driving. Once you get into the park you leave your car and you won’t drive anymore. There are no parking lots at any trailheads because they have a bus service set up! At first, I wasn’t too sure about it, but it made for a very easy and relaxing stay. We just walked over, jumped on the bus, and got off at the hike we wanted to do. Pretty neat and we had no idea that was how the park was set up.


Emerald Pools Trail


Emerald Pools Trail


Emerald Pools Trail


The Hikes We Did:

  • Emerald Pools Trail. 
    • Loved it! There are 3 pools that you can go to and it is a fairly easy hike. Really pretty views and worth it to go to all 3 pools. We went up the Emerald Pools trailhead (which starts at Zion Lodge) and then down the Kayenta trail to get back to where the buses were.
  • Weeping Rock. 
    • Very short hike, just a super steep little climb and you’re there. You can see it from the parking lot. Really neat to see the water falling off the rock like that.
  • Riverside Walk. 
    • This was a path to get to The Narrows trailhead. The Narrows hike is through the river, you’re literally hiking through water the entire way! So we did the Riverside Walk to get to that trailhead and determine if we wanted to do it or not. Unfortunately, it rained the entire next day so we only had time to do one more hike and we chose a different one. But, this Riverside Walk is very nice!
  • Observation Point. 
    • This was the longest and hardest hike I have ever done. We climbed over 2,000ft and I honestly thought we’d never make it, and multiple times I wanted to just quit. I get anxiety when hiking super strenuous (I’ll save that for another post…) and so that honestly is what kept making me want to quit. But you guys, I made up my mind that I was going to do it. I pushed through and made it to the top. I felt like I had conquered the world!! It was a gorgeous view all the way up and at the top.
    • There are parts that have very steep drop-offs, and you’ll want good hiking shoes because some parts are slick because of the sandstone. Brannon and I both twisted our ankles a bit, so just use caution. I am so proud of myself for doing this hike! I’m not sure when I’ll do another one that hard again, but tackling that hike was a big deal for me. One thing I didn’t expect to encounter was my knees hurting real bad on the way down. So take my advice and stretch more than I do. It’s so important if you do any physical activity and we don’t do it enough and I was paying the price.


Observation Point Trail


Observation Point Trail


Observation Point Trail – We made it to the top!



I’d love to hear your experience if you’ve been to Zion! If you haven’t, have I convinced you to put it on your list?

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  1. This is such a beautiful park, and sounds like amazing hiking trails. I have never visited this park, and will have to try to make a family plan to visit.

    1. Thank you so much! It was a really fun place to go, and not too far of a drive from Vegas airport.

  2. I think I went here before, I hiked to scout lookout (I think that’s what it is called) but I couldn’t go the rest of the way to Angels Landing. I am way too afraid of heights for that lol

    1. Angels Landing definitely had me nervous… I’m not about having to hold a chain while I’m hiking so I don’t slip off! Observation point had some steep dropoffs as well but it was much wider, no chains necessary.

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