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Homemade Pizza



Sometimes, ya just need a good pizza! On a Monday night, after you’ve had a crappy day. Am I right?

I didn’t want to pick up the phone (or rather go online…) and order Papa Johns, because I knew that would be an endless amount of calories, and would make me feel yuk after I ate it!

So I went to my freezer, pulled out some HEB Whole Wheat pizza crusts, got some fresh mozzarella out of my fridge I had picked up the other day, and got cooking! If you’re ever going to make fresh pizza at home, use FRESH mozzarella, cut it up! Don’t use the pre shredded stuff, the fresh stuff tastes sooooo yumm!

I already had some pizza sauce, and black olives in the pantry. And I wanted something green on the pizza so I just roughly chopped some spinach, and sprinkled it on top!

Bonus? That only took about 15min! Way faster than ordering pizza, healthier option, and the fresh mozzarella made it taste fabulous!So next time you’re at the store, grab a pack of pre-made whole wheat pizza crusts and keep them in your freezer. You never know when your day is going to call for pizza! 



(You know you wanna reach through the computer and grab that pizza…)

-Happy Wednesday-


*also- Thank God for spell check… why can I not spell the word mozzarella?

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  1. Great idea…looks delish! I need to do this for lunch sometime, too. Just walked by the pizza crust at the store the other day and thought about getting some. This makes me wish I had! :)

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