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Hey guys!

 So sorry for being MIA. Its been an interesting week.

Honestly, things are just are all over the place for me right now.

Honestly, I set up my school schedule wrong and I can’t change it due to a class being full, so I’m kinda mad at myself. Still in all the right classes just stuck with a horrible schedule and driving to a campus that’s much further away than I thought.

Honestly, I have a few designs I still have to finish that I wanted done last Friday.

Honestly, I want to hide from everything and sit in a cottage with no cell reception or internet and just journal for a week. And drink all the coffee and tea I want. And take walks and lots of pictures. That sounds like Heaven right now.

Honestly, I’m perfectly fine, but feeling “off.”

Honestly, I am in L-O-V-E with that design up there that I did for my friend Malo! ^^ Visit her newly designed blog The Daily Frenchie She is one awesome girl and I wish she lived in the states so we could hang out together. <3

Honestly… there will be a VLOG on Friday from muah. :) I’m pretty stoked about it.

Happy Hump Day! <3

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  1. Don’t worry friend… everything will work out for the best with your classes in school… they always do!

    In the meantime, try to breathe :)

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