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How to Style: Black Skinnies

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So, its no lie, I absolutely LOVE Old Navy! And they were having a 30% off sale this weekend. And.. I tried on a lot of clothes. And.. I love their rockstar jeans! So I bought some black skinnies! Then I got home.. and wondered if I chose the right color! I’ve never had black before… then I wracked my brain trying to think of other friends/bloggers I’ve seen in black skinnies and what they wore with it. I couldn’t think of anything.

Thank God for Pinterest. And my personal stylist aka bffblogger IRL! Bri @ Breezy Days Blog. Cue random text to her on Tuesday night asking her if I made a mistake and should get a different color. She assured me that I made a good decision and they were a good staple to have in my collection. *whew* Then I took to Pinterest to find all types of outfit inspiration for them! I think I found some pretty good ones, don’t you? You can see them all on my pinterest page.

Now.. if it would just cool down here in Houston so I could wear them without having a heat stroke. #pleaseoplease

Do you have black skinnies? If so, how do you style them? Give this girl some tips!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. I just bought a pair of black jeggings from Aeropostale (which are pretty denim-y for jeggings, might I add) on a whim and am SO glad I did. They are definitely a staple and my go-to jeans anytime I need to make jeans look classy. Love them.

  2. Black skinnies are a staple for me!! I wear them with EVERYTHING!!! I love pairing stripes and cognac shoes with them – probably my fave combination.

  3. I too hit up Gap and Old Navy and demand cooler weather right away. Black skinnies are good with bright colored shoes too. I have pink slip on boat shoes ( a pair from Old Navy and a pair of Sperrys) and I just got polka dot keds.

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