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I just turned 30 and this is how I feel about it.

Is turning 30 a big deal? Well, it just happened to me and here are my thoughts, panics, and what I'm doing about it.

At first, it was panic.

I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself and the pressure I was feeling before my birthday revolved around work. Being an entrepreneur I have set some pretty big goals for myself, to the point that after I hit the goal I don’t take a lot of time to celebrate, it’s just on to the next. I am constantly striving to hit that next milestone. Do you ever go to your to-do list for the day or week and mark one thing off and at the same time add three things? Hi! That’s me, constantly.

I will say, it’s gotten better this year. I’ve recognized this pattern with myself and have been able to get more manageable systems set in place. However, there is always this constant battle in my head of, “you know you haven’t hit that mark yet because you’re not working hard enough.”

So, what does that have to do with me turning 30? Well, 30 is a milestone year, and I had all of these expectations for myself of what needed to happen while I was in my 20’s. Because I see so many other young entrepreneurs crushing it, making more money, a larger impact, etc. So in my head, if that’s what they’re doing, I should be there too. And then, I read about other women whose hard work led to some amazing things in their 30’s and 40’s…

  • Joanna Gaines was 35 when Fixer Upper first aired
  • Vera Wang didn’t enter the fashion industry until she was 40
  • Julia Child didn’t even start learning to cook until she was 37
  • Martha Stewart was 35 when she started her catering business & 41 when she published her first book
  • The first episode of I Love Lucy aired when Lucy was 40 years old
  • Elizabeth Gilbert was 37 before she wrote Eat, Pray, Love
  • Ree Drummond didn’t even start her blog until she was 37!

And these are just “famous” women that we hear about in the news! We’re not talking about the countless bloggers, engineers, CEOs, doctors, chefs, etc, that didn’t see their version of success until their 30’s.


Is turning 30 a big deal? Well, it just happened to me and here are my thoughts, panics, and what I'm doing about it.


And now…

Hey 30’s, bring it on! My 20’s were just me laying the foundation for what I want to accomplish. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself when I start to get frustrated.

Here are some things that I’m pretty damn proud of myself for accomplishing before I turned 30:

  • Becoming a senior graphic designer
  • Learning how to be a great marketing strategist
  • Growing a business and keeping it running for over 5 years
  • Along with that, running 5 successful conferences
  • Owning a home, selling a home, and then purchasing a second home
  • Traveling around the country for an entire year in a travel trailer (wayyy outside my comfort zone!) 
  • Starting a weekly podcast that’s almost 1 year old
  • Finishing a Sprint Triathlon
  • Traveling to Mexico & Canada


Is turning 30 a big deal? Well, it just happened to me and here are my thoughts, panics, and what I'm doing about it.


I’ll have a 31 before 31 list headed to the blog soon, a list of 31 things I’d like to do before I turn 31. On that list are going to be some challenges for myself and some things to help me focus on what’s important. Life is too short to worry about things you didn’t do or didn’t say, to worry about the future, to not say no when you need to, or to not say yes when the time is right. So, here’s to taking chances, to dreaming big, to chasing what I want, and to making it happen in my 30’s.

I would love to know, did a birthday ever cause you to stop and re-evaluate?


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  1. I had this moment this year too. I turned 35, and it feels like I should be SO much further along in my personal life than I am…and my professional life too, if I’m honest. (Totally put pressure on myself to achieve too! So relatable.)

    But in those 35 years, I’ve also learned that I’m a late bloomer. It’s always taken me a bit longer to get to things than everyone else, and you know what? That’s okay. As long as I keep moving foward, keep trying, keep going…I’m making progress towards those goals.

    I loved reading this post and can’t wait for your 31 things list!

    1. I love the “late bloomer” comment. It’s always taken me a while to figure out what I want to do, college was a nightmare. Thanks for sharing, and 35 is still young, you’ve made big accomplishments so don’t forget to give yourself credit!

  2. 30 was not too bad for me because I had 4 kids and the youngest was 4 months old. I didn’t have TIME to even think what day it was! I must admit that 50 was harder. Your brain tells you that you are halfway over because you see I have grand plans to live to be at least 100. You have accomplished so much and you should be so proud of yourself because you are definitely a BADASS!

    1. I can’t imagine having 4 kids right now. You are so strong and impress me. There are so many more amazing things that you’re going to do beyond 50!

  3. Girlfriend you are CRUSHING IT! You forgot to mention in the list of things you’ve accomplished: found love and married a man who loves you and supports your crazy dreams, brought together women who support you and love you and are growing together in a community that is amazing and lifts all women up, learned to live with the absolute bare minimum, found the world’s most amazing macarons, and introduced me to a life I never thought I could live. THANK YOU for being you, for turning thirty, for encouraging and loving me through some crappy stuff, and for always being a positive light to those around you. I’m so proud of you and honored to call you a friend, colleague, confidant, and badass sidekick!

    1. Annnddddd I’m crying. Thank you for always lifting me up and reminding me of things like this. Appreciate you so freaking much! Also, how do we make you leave comments with your name being “Skye Your Main Bitch McLain” forever? :)

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