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I made it, Friday!

I feel like I got ran over this week. Everything went by so fast! Now my  head is swimming with all the different things I need to get done by Monday. *can we go back to last Monday?*


Here’s how it works:
1) Think of something you’ve made that week. This could be something you cooked, a diy project, something you made on the computer, a picture you edited… anything!
2) Blog about it, and post pictures! 
3) Give information on how you made it (when possible)
4) Finally, please remember to grab the button, or link back to my blog!

I Made It! 

I didn’t have time to make much this week (other than school projects). However, I did take a few minutes to grab a mason jar I had sitting around, and put it to good use.

I got the idea from the beautiful Rachael at Talk 2 The Trees.(BTW- yesterday was her Birthday- so you can go wish her a belated happy birthday!)

So, I took my mason jar, grabbed a sheet of copy paper and went to cutting. I cut strips out of my piece of paper, and then started writing down a couple quotes that I had saved that I didn’t want to forget.


So, now I have this cute mason jar, just waiting to be stuffed with wonderful quotes to get me inspired! So when the days come (and you know they do) when you  just feel totally uninspired, whether it be for a blog post, an art project, something for work, anything, then I can reach into my little jar and pull out something great to get me going!

 Why don’t you start your own little jar?
-Just grab: a box, a jar, a cup or anything you have around the house.
– Grab some type of paper:  homemade, copy paper, notebook paper, scrapbook paper…
-Get a pen, and start writing!
Jars you could keep:
Bucket List
Date Night Ideas
and it goes on and on!
I hope I helped inspire you a little today. Have a wonderful weekend! I will talk to you here again on Monday! <33 

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