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Illustration Thursday

  Today for my creative Thursday I am going to show you guys some illustrations I’ve been doing!



My Outfit of the Day on Sunday. :))




One of my besties outfit of the day, on Sunday.




On Sunday I posted the first picture (of me) on Instagram and asked if anyone wanted me to do an illustration of them for free! Bri (At breezydaysblog) asked me to do one of her! So that’s the one you see here. For this one I was at home so I was able to use water colors and put it on a cute little artist card. I’m going to send it to her in the mail tomorrow. :))



Here is a side by side picture of the outfit she wanted me to do, and the illustration I made for her.


Whatcha think? You like? :)) Want me to do one for you? I promised on Instagram I would do the first 5 requests for free, and I’ve gotten 3 requests so far. The first two people that say they want me to do one and email me a picture I will do for free and mail to you if you would like.

I may offer these in my Etsy shop if a lot of people are interested. For… $5-$8 you’d get a custom illustration of yourself mimicked by an image you send me, the artist card and a sleeve to protect it.

Would you like one?

Remember, first two people to comment saying they want one and to email me a picture get one for free! If you’re not the first two then I’ll let you know in an email how much I’m selling them for. :))


Happy Thursday! <33

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  1. Oh my gosh, I didn’t know you were gonna send it to me!! You are too awesome!! :D Can’t wait to frame it and put it up in my clothes & crafting area!!

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