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I’m Not Here!


Do you ever have that happen? You’ll have someone knock on your door and you just wanna scream, “I’m Not Here!!” But maybe instead, like me… *cough* you’ll tip-toe to the door barefoot so that person wont hear you, and peek out the peep-hole, and always decide not to answer because you have no clue who it is…. Yeah. You do that too right? :))

 Well.. but for real, I’m not here today! You can find me over at Zie Darling!  And for the FIRST
TIME EVER I am showing my office space! So yeah, you totally do not want to miss this post!

So head on over and check it out! I hope you love it and are inspired by it as much as I am. :))

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  1. Hi Bree! I just read your guest post. I understand about iPhone cases. I found that if you buy a clear case you can use heavy duty design paper, cut them into the shape (with all the holes and everything you need). Then you can change the paper all the time and you have a different case anytime you want! Cheaper than buy multiple cases! Hope this helps!

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