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Inspiration Monday

Let me just start this by saying, I had an awesome weekend! Friday night we celebrated my youngest brothers birthday! Augh. He is 18 you guys!! EIGHT FREAKIN TEEN!! How did this happen? I still remember his first birthday party. Sitting on the counter wondering why everyone was staring at him, while mom and dad gave him this beautiful cake and told him he could have the whole thing. It was like he didn’t know what to do at first, I think someone had to put his hand in the icing and then he finally attacked it! And then giggled because everyone else was laughing. ::sigh:: My baby brother is 18.

Saturday was full of hanging out with family, running errands, and watching the Olympics. Woohoo! Go USA!

Sunday was awesome! Why? #1. We got the house completely cleaned. ::hallelujah!:: Which makes for a more productive week for both of us. Then I was able to relax and do things that I’ve been wanting to do. I took a notebook and wrote, and wrote, and finally got all these ideas and thoughts and dreams out of my head and onto paper! After I did that I felt so much better! Plans that I’ve had, goals I want to achieve, all onto paper. I feel like I can accomplish them now that I’ve made sense of them.

One subject of thoughts and dreams I needed to get out was for this blog! I want this blog to grow and thrive, but I’ve been all over the place with it, and haven’t had time to get my thoughts down about what I want to do with it! Well… I finally figured it out, and I hope you guys love the direction it takes off in.

Because of that, I’m dedicating Mondays to be days of inspiration! Because I think that’s probably the best way to start your week…



Today I wanted to start off this new Inspiration Monday series by sharing things that inspire me. And that is beautiful imagery. Whether its of a beautiful space, design, setting, pose, place, anything. Color plays a big role in this. How the lighting is in the image, and how it works with the colors. If you came into my studio (ps- I’m now calling our “office” a studio- because that is more inspiring) then you’d see my board full of beautiful colors and images like these that inspire me.

Also- I’m not leaving links below the images but if you click directly on the image you like it will take you directly to the pin on Pinterest. I’m doing this because some links are broken, and I want you to have the option of immediately pinning it to inspire you, or jumping to the blog/website of its origination.

Be sure to check out my sponsor opportunities. I am changing things around here in a big way, and one thing is that you will get to do an optional guest post, but I’ll give you 5 different topic options for you to choose from. Maybe YOU want to share what inspires you on an Inspiration Monday Post?

I am also looking for blog’s that have a shoppe! Do you sell something online? I’d love to talk with you about swapping blog ads. So leave a comment or shoot me an email! breepair at gmail dot com.

So tell me- what inspires you?

Happy Monday!

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  1. What a great way to start the week! Definitely something we need on a Monday to remind us that no matter what the week throws our way, we should always stay inspired! Being on Happier (an awesome app) inspires me, as does witnessing the creativity of others. :) Little kindnesses, too! Happy Monday darlin!

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