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John Legend Concert

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Hubs and I got last minute tickets to the John Legend concert last night, thanks to Whitney who works at the Pavilion! We had a great time. Date nights are always on the weekend for us, and during the week usually consists of gym time and cooking at home. So it was fun to break the routine and get out.


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John Legend…. amazing! It was such a fun, relaxing concert. He is charming and his music is so romantical. (I know that’s not a word-but I use it a lot… I think I heard it in a Disney movie or something.)

But for real- all of his music is beautiful, he is an amazing musician and singer. I would go see him in concert again for sure! Only next time I will pray that his concert lands in the fall if its outside again. Whew! It was a hot and humid one last night!

We still had a blast though. We kept ourselves laughing the entire time because there was a girl that was behind me that kept saying, “This is my song!!” First time- okay, that’s fine. . . but then once we hit about 5 “Lord, this is my song!!” … we started to not believe her anymore.

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Are you one that likes to enjoy the concert or do you try to take a gazillion pictures during the concert? I’m the former, and if you are the later, then… just ignore me.

I don’t really understand why you go to a concert and then are on your phone the entire time trying to take pictures or videos? There was a lady in front of us that kept trying to take pictures the entire night. And note how I keep saying “trying.” Because whenever you try to take pictures of screens because you’re too far back to actually get a picture of the person on stage, the screens always show up bright and you cant see anything on your phone.

I swear this lady had her phone out trying to take pictures for 60% of the concert. Every time it would come up we would start giggling because no matter how many times she tried she was getting nothing but a white bright screen. She got points for effort though, she sure tried hard. . .


Do you take a ton of pictures/videos at concerts, or do you just take one or two and then enjoy the show?

-Happy Thursday-

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