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Oh my word, HAPPY FIRST DAY OF JUNE!!!  My Birthday Month! :)) Yay! June 7th just in case you wanted to know. <33 
 But seriously, I can’t believe its June already! Oh my gosh. 
This month means: 
(6/1) End of 1/3 of my 90 day challenge. I can’t wait to see everyone’s results from our 30 day goals! 
(6/4) Summer classes start Monday. *crap* 3 of them starting at once. I’m doomed. 
(6/7) My Birthday! *yay!* 
(6/10) Hopefully my first Houston blogger meet-up <33 
(6/15) My Mom’s Birthday (June 15th)
(6/17) Fathers Day. I <3 my dad. And my mom is super happy Fathers Day isn’t on her birthday this year! 
^^^  I love how I published all of that this morning. Auto Schedule mess-up. Oops. :))
 Yeah, yeah, there is more to Friday’s post, don’t worry! 
 Today I decided to link up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk.
 This is my first time to link up with her, pretty excited! :)) 
So… my top five things from this week: 
1. Celebrating my sisters birthday on Sunday & Monday. Yea, she got 2 birthday days.  *score!* :)) 
2. Finished a good book! 
3. Got to sleep in… a lot this week. My party before school starts this Monday. 
4. Finished 1/3 of my 90 day challenge. Good and bad thing… I didn’t feel like I did enough, BUT I am refocused and excited for the next 30 days! 

5. Tonight is date night with my love. :)) Jason’s deli & Barnes and Noble. Our regulars. <33

 What was your top 5 things from this week? :))

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  1. You’re in for a fun month – hope it’s a great one! :)

    Enjoy the weekend before classes start – hope they all go smoothly!

  2. June is YOUR month girlie!! 6 mo’ days til your birthday! WOOOOOP!!!

    I feel I didn’t give it ALL in my first 60 days for the 90 day challenge. I would totes lose focus during the weekends, and during those wee hours I need “energy” while studying :/ BUT it’s never too late to make it right, right??

    Happy Friday love!!

  3. fun fun fun!!

    june is a great month to have a birthday,no school and just nice warm weather :)

    i will have to read that nora roberts book/series. i just read my first-ever nora roberts book and love it (the next always).

    happy weekend!

  4. My top 5 things…

    1. Got home on Monday from a great weekend with my family.
    2. Painted a very large frame that a mirror is in. Did it by hand and it looks pretty!
    3. Bought some flowers to fill pots in the backyard.
    4. Went to the Dr. (finally)
    5. New piece of furniture being delivered tomorrow. Yay!!!
    6. Yes…I’m adding another…Dad is home tomorrow!!!


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