Hey everyone! I hope you all had an amazing Labor Day weekend. I sure did! I had a big list of things I wanted to get done this weekend. . . And, I got absolutely none of it done! *whoops* But it was a great weekend anyways!

Family. Family. Family. That was what we did all weekend.

On Saturday I got the day started with Zumba! <3 PS- if you live in Houston, come Zumba with me!! First time is free. So much fun, I can’t rave about it enough. Later that afternoon I got to clean ants out of my spice cabinet… Not fun, at all. Which reminds me, I need to call the bug guy today and have him come spray around our home. We keep finding little pests (i.e. spiders). We cancelled having our regular bug guy come out because we weren’t seeing any bugs. (DUH). And we wanted to save some money. So now, a few months later we are seeing bugs. DUH. Because they aren’t spraying for bugs anymore. . . We didn’t really think that one through.

And that ^ is reason #492 why I don’t want a dog.

So anyways, after the ant debacle we and errands to run and then spent the evening with Hubs family.

Sunday was a wonderful relaxing day, ending it with a movie marathon of Rush Hour 1 and 2 with my siblings at our place. Hyped up with too much sugar, and hubs snoring at the end of the last movie, we had a lot of laughs. :)

Monday morning we slept in, and then that afternoon went rock climbing with both families. Then my dad BBQ’d the most amazzzzzing ribs! Omgosh. I ate way too much. Including my moms yummy dessert. Back on the healthy eating train today!

How was your weekend? I hope it was fun and relaxing for you!

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Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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