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Let’s get organized!

Thank you all for the wonderful Birthday wishes!! I had a fantastic day. I had lunch and dinner dates with hubs, and then went to my parents for dessert. Then on Friday my family threw me an amazing party! I had sooo much fun! Thank you Mom and Jess for doing all that work for me! I had a blast. :)) xoxo

Oh, and for all of you who were guessing how old I turned…. A LOT of you got it right! Did I tell you before? ;))

I am now 23!

Gah. I want to stay in my early 20s forever… So… Let’s just free time for a while ok? Ok.

I don’t have any pictures to share with you from the party, but if I get some from my mom I’ll share them with you later this week.

ALSO! Don’t forget to enter my Birthday GIVEAWAY! :)) Seriously. Go enter now. I’ll wait.




Oh good you’re back! I hope you win the giveaway! Good luck. :)) PS- isn’t that a darling color combo? Makes me want some iced green tea. Yummm…

So, this week I am focusing on getting more organized!! I need to organize:

  • Closet – Out with winter clothes, in with summer clothes, and a donate pile.
  • Office – It’s a hot mess.
  • My to-do list

Seriously, I always have things to do, but unless they’re written down on some type of planner, a lot of it gets lost in translation. :(( Hence- I have a lot of print outs of things I need to do, goals to accomplish, etc, pinned, taped, magneted [to the fridge… you know what I mean even if its not a word, right?] all over my house.

So, since I can’t really afford an Erin Condren planner right now, I have made some weekly organizers for myself, and I am going to share it with you!

my week image 

There ya go! This is what I am using right now. I just right the month and then the dates. Yes… this is just for during the week. I haven’t made one that is 7 days. I might later though, and if so, I’ll share it with you guys. :)) 

You can click on the image and it should go directly to the document so you can print it! Yay for getting more organized!! I also have this for my classes, I just write the class name underneath the month, and fill it out with due dates. I do one page for each class (right now) planning on modifying this for the fall semester though.

I hope you like it, and its useful for you.

Have a wonderful rest of your Monday! I’ll catch ya tomorrow!


***Don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!!**

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  1. Love the calendar pages and love YOU birthday girl!! Now let’s get this organizing going huh?? Unless you write things down, they remain thoughts! GET ER DONE!! Xoxo

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