Why yes, I am ready to go on a vacation to somewhere with a beach!

Galveston Island is the closest thing to a beach I’ve got around here, and while its not the most wonderful, I’d take it right now. I need to get away for a couple days with my hubs. And when I do, I am leaving my cell phone home. No really, I am! It’s already decided. I need a breakkkk.

Have you ever gone on vacation and left behind your cell phone- on purpose? I haven’t before, but it sounds great right now! If there is an emergency then they can get ahold of us by calling hubs.

No Texting.

No Instagram.

No Email.

How does that sound? Getting away and bringing a book, a sketch pad, and an actual camera, not a cell phone camera.

Sounds perfectttt to me!

Happy Wednesday <3

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