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Love Hate Relationship

 As I was pursuing my friends blog (ie- Courtney!) I loved her post that was inspired by another lovely blogger Elease (just found her blog and its adorable <3).

 So, I’m following suit and joining them in their love/hate post of the day!

5 Things I L-O-V-E Currently: 

  1. My office. Because I just re-arranged, organized, and cleaned it up. Working on some artwork for it still, but once its done expect to be wow-ed by pics! 
  2. New Girl!!! :))
  3. My blog friends. Texting and tweeting me to make sure I was okay on Tuesday. Thank you so much for caring. You guys are so awesome and I’m so blessed to have met you!
  4. Watercolors. I just want to paint all day long!
  5. The weather today! Its so gorgeous outside. I want it to get cold again, but right now, its a beautiful day! If it was this way all year round I’d be in heaven! :)

5 Things I HATE Currently: 

  1. That my little sister is really super sick. Kidney stones and now a kidney infection. :( Please say a prayer for her, she is hurting really bad. 
  2. That two guys got into an argument and one pulled a gun at my school this week. 
  3. The amount of laundry I have to do. Ugh. 
  4. This one guy in my class that wants to argue with everything my teacher does. He’s just annoying. I don’t hate him. I hate how he acts. *bangs head on desk* aigaowgjfoijaf 
  5. Taylor Swift. The End. 

What is on your love/hate list today? :)

Happy Thursday!

5 Responses

  1. I literally just got done with all the kidney stone & infection crap so if you or your sister have any questions please feel free to email me. They suck more than anything. My heart goes out to her!

    Also, are you going to be at the meet up? I really want to pick your brain about art journaling.

  2. I just did this, this was interesting and hard in a way to do. I try not to hate people, and thinking of 5 things I hated was difficult. I did eventually get it though.

  3. This is such a fun idea! I love reading things like this. What a bummer about your sister though! I hope that she recovers soon. I have heard that is so painful. :(

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