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Manic Monday, err…Tuesday

Its true guys. I am wayyy off today. In fact.. instead or writing this blog post I need to be cleaning my kitchen and running errands.

But, I can’t leave ya hangin! That would be sad. Plus I would be bummed all day if I didn’t’ get to write.

Do my other blogger friends feel that way? Off kilter when you cant get to the computer and write a post that day?  [yeah- you know you do] :))

So this weekend was great!! But… I am feeling it in my body today. Sluggish, chub-squad, and sunburnt. *oops*

I think I need to go to Target. Target makes everything better right? [except my bank account]

*sigh* well.. If I could go on a spending spree at Target- this would help motivate me to get back on track.

These shorts I’ve been eyeing… With a grey workout t-shirt I’ve also been eyeing. :)) Would be fabulous.

This grey t-shirt. I love how dark it is. Plus… I’ve never had a grey workout shirt. So, I need it. Right? :))


This dress. Because.. I want it. And I can’t find it in stores in my size. Even though I’ve been to 3 different Targets! *sad day* Small or medium… not even sure which one ‘cuz I didn’t get to try it on. They all sold out to fast.


A cute journal like this, because I need a new one for devotionals.


I think I have an “active-wear” addiction. My birthday is coming soon. You know what you can get me. ;)) But seriously.. I want a cute pair of Nike shoes for “cross-training.” Viewing it as a necessity. Hubs has 3 pairs of workout shoes. Why can’t I?


Anyone else have a Target or “active-wear” obsession like me?

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  1. I most definitely have a Target obsession. It’s not department-specific either. I am thinking about joining a 12 step program! :)

  2. I have an active-wear obsession! I have notices that my regular casual wardrobe is being overtaken by work-out clothes!! And i LOVE it!! I want cross-training shoes too (Read: casual shoes!) I am thinking the Nike Free shoes- so many pretty colours!!
    Hope you are able to get back on track after your long weekend!!

  3. Oh that dress is so cute! And I just left Target and somehow missed that. I was trying to behave though. darn my luck lol

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