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May Desktop and Mobile Phone Background

It’s gonna be May…y’all I couldn’t resist. I love me some Justin Timberlake. So when I sat down to design this months desktop and mobile calendars I first was planning to do florals or plants. I even polled you guys for it on Instagram. Then when it came down to it the flowers were feeling forced and this popped to my mind, so I ran with it!


The month of April flew by! I told my friend at the beginning of the month how I really missed traveling and wanted to travel more but I wasn’t sure how to make it happen. Well… apparently the universe was listening! Brannon travels frequently to work and had to go out of town at the last minute before Easter week, and so I jumped on Google flights to see just how expensive a last minute flight down to LA was to see my best friend. Well, I found a ticket that wasn’t outrageous and decided to do it!

So I spent 5 days down in Louisiana with my best friend and her 3 adorable little boys. I flew back home on a Wednesday and my in-laws were scheduled to fly in the very next day for a 5-day stay with us. Which meant we hit the ground running! Well… kinda. Brannon and I both got in town the same day, headed home, and crashed for about 3hours. So we had a late night cleaning party, early morning errands, and then they were here!

That put us at the next Tuesday, and Brannon had to go out of town the very next week. Now, normally when he travels he’s hopping around a couple of cities about an hour apart from each other, which means about 2-3 hotels a trip. I’m not about that life… but, for this next trip, he was going to be in New Bedford, MA for an entire week. Once again, I hopped on Google Flights and I was able to find a round-trip ticket to Providence, RI for under $200. So… I’m writing this from the hotel lobby! I’ve been hanging out at this neat hotel in downtown New Bedford, trying new restaurants every day, and it’s been so nice to get out and explore every day. I’m documenting everything over on Instagram if you want to follow along.

So, next month I want to make $10,000! Let’s put that out into the universe and see what happens.


May Desktop and iPhone Background Wallpaper

desktop // mobile
I hope you love these new backgrounds as much as I do! If you do, would you mind saving it to Pinterest or sharing on Facebook? That way your friends can find them and enjoy as well. Also, taking requests for June – my birthday month! Any colors, patterns, or themes you’d like to see?


May Desktop and iPhone Background Wallpaper

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