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Mini Vacation Re-cap

 I was pretty excited to get away on a mini vacation with this cutie ^^ and my family. A little R&R and time away from staring at a computer screen  were much needed!

 We left on Saturday morning and drove up to Austin. We got there around lunch time and went to find the food trucks!! I am a food truck junkie, its true. I love them!

Waiting for our food and instagramming it up!

:) I just love this boy.

 First we had to get lunch, which was a mixure of philly cheese steaks, pizza fries, and turkey sandwiches. Ya can’t just stop at one food truck when there is six of you that are hungry. :)

 Next stop… was dangerous. And one of the reasons why I’m sticking to fruits and veggies for the next month.

Just read the menu. O-M-G.

That my friends, is an amazingly delicious fried doughnut with the  most amazing tasting chocolate all over it, with chocolate chips, brownie, and marshmallow creme.

Seriously. It tasted like heaven. If you go to Austin make sure you stop at Gourdoughs!! Don’t order your own, you must split it, I would’ve barfed from sugarry goodness overload if I had. I can’t explain how yummy this was. But it was. So yeah. Go to Gourdoughs. :)

Waiting in line for our doughnuts. Unaware of the sugar coma we were about to be in.
Just one of the food truck areas. We walked by three areas that had at least 4 food trucks each. Within 2 blocks.

After that we started heading towards the condo we were staying in, and picked up groceries on our way there. We spent the rest of the night hanging out, going on a hike, cooking enchiladas, and relaxing.

The next morning Brannon and I got up and went for a run. It was sooo beautiful. The hills were a killer, but oh my gosh, it was so much fun! After showers and breakfast the girls and guys split up. Us girls headed for the outlet mall. *woop woop* and the boys headed for Cabelas (a ginormous outdoors/hunting store that my dad used to drag us to when we were little. No way was I re-living that nightmare on vacation!).

 We all met back up at the condo that evening for pizza and game night. After lots of coffee and candy to try to keep me awake I crashed early. . . 11pm. Not that early, but for vacation, it was early.

 Next morning we got up and went for another walk, I wanted to run but was feeling sick from all the crazy food we’d been eating over the past few days. My body is NOT used to eating like that and was under major protest and pleading for a detox.

 More pictures of the beautiful scenery and it was time to pack up and head home.

The view from our condo. <3 

We had an amazing mini vacation.

 Neither of us were ready to get up early Tuesday morning and head to work/school. If you noticed from my post yesterday (Travel & TOMS) I am longing for another vacation asap!

 Thanks mom and dad for getting us to go on a spur of the moment vacation! We had such a fun time.


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Happy Thursday!

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  1. What an amazing lil’ getaway!!! That doughnut looks amazeballs!!!! So rich and chocolaty, I can’t even handle myself!!!

    Glad to hear it was full of good eats and QT with your peeps!!!

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