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Minnesota Summer Vacation

minneapolis lake cabin
Much Needed

All those things and more, that’s how my summer vacation was. Hubs & I were counting down the days *quite literally* until we left for vacation. Work had been extremely stressful for him the weeks leading up, working long hours, and just exhausted. I felt like I had hit a wall with work and couldn’t stay focused on anything.

Summer vacation was much needed! So we headed up to Minnesota, where the air is cleaner, the temperature is lower, and the pace is calmer. We landed on Saturday morning, just before lunchtime, and we were putting our toes in the lake before dinner. COLD. Can you imagine, cold water in the summer? If you live anywhere other than the south I bet you can, but these two Houstonians were thrilled.

5 nights, 3 campfires, countless card games, and 4 mornings of waffles later, we sadly said goodbye to the lake house. I don’t think anyone was ready to leave, we all could’ve stayed until the end of summer and been perfectly fine. There wasn’t much of a town for shopping, just a weird little grocery store with a liquor department much larger than the produce area. #lakesideliving But that didn’t matter. I barely put on makeup the whole time we were there, and spend some part of each day in the lake. I didn’t think about work much at all, about the decisions that I needed to make with a business partner, about the fact that I hadn’t blogged since the Tagspire Brunch… none of it. Just rest and relaxation.

minnesota summer vacation

We left the lake and spent Thursday – Saturday at my parents house, South of Minneapolis. There we did some shopping- did you know that there is no sales tax in Minnesota? Um, yes please! Why didn’t I shop more when we went there for Christmas last year? #learnedmylesson Plus their outlet mall has different stores than ours, so, fabulous! The only downside to shopping there is that its much cooler and I wanted to buy all the fall things! But in all reality, I’d wear them for the next day while we were there and then they’d sit in my closet until fall arrives in Houston (approximately around the end of November).

So leaving left us feeling relaxed, bummed that it was over, and praying that fall weather will come quickly!

Thanks mom & dad for spoiling us for the 5 nights at the lake house. We had so much fun. And dad- Happy 50th Birthday, I’m glad we got to celebrate at the lake!

Did you do a staycation this summer or did you go anywhere fun and relaxing? I’d love to read/hear about it! Leave your stories and links in the comments so I can live vicariously through your stories.

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  1. Ahhh your vacation sounds wonderful! I’m so jealous! I didn’t have a vacation or staycation, what a bummer! But I have filled my summer with fun activities with friends. Miss you!!

    1. I’m glad you’re having a good summer! I miss you too– plan on coming to Houston at the end of February… ;)

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