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Hello Monday, we meet again.

Well today you threw at me:

  • Midterm
  • One of my besties leaving for an unknown period of time
  • Laundry
  • Art Journaling
  • Blogging
  • Registering for Classes
  • Working out


  1. Aced the midterm! :)) Yep. 100. <—- awesomeeee
  2. Remember the friend I told you about that attempted suicide? Well, she is at the moment flying to another state to go to a rehabilitation facility. I cried when I said goodbye. I just want her to get better sooo bad. I miss my friend. She’s been missing for a while now. I hope this place brings her back.
  3. Laundry. I win! :)) Tomorrow? More laundry… crap. Does it ever end??!
  4. Art Journaling. Not yet. But after dinner. Oh yes. Its gonna happen. :)
  5. Blogging… well… 7pm post. Not how I planned it, but I still blogged!
  6. Registered for classes… not yet. Going to re-look at the class times and register first thing in the morning.
  7. Working out. Check. Not a hard workout today… 15 min cardio, then we did our 1 rep maxs. *shrug* Professor says I’ll feel it in the morning. idk. Oh well. Tomorrow is killer arms, legs, and shoulders day.

I have the problem that I have like a gazillion things I want to do… but they don’t ever all get done. I need to start getting more stuff done at night. Before I got married that’s when I did all my work. And 1 year and a half later, I’m still struggling! You’d think I’d have it down by now right? . . . I guess I just feel bad working on stuff at night time when hubs is home. But I mean… we’d still be hanging out. Just sometimes I need to work on the computer… then I feel like I’m ignoring him.

Am I the only one that has this happening? How do you deal with night time stuff? We have dinner together and watch tv. Then sometimes read, chat, play a game… its great! But… I need to get more work done at night. Maybe we need to come up with a system. . . prolly so…. Guess what we’ll be talking about tonight? haha


You guys watch the Olympics this weekend? It’s been pretty awesome right!? I’ll talk more about the opening ceremonies later, but right now… here are some of the ppl I’m super pumped to say are from the USA!



  1. Ryan Lochte- way to step up! Yes, I want Phelps to pick it up and set the record gold medals, but still.. this guy is awesome!
  2. Dana Vollmer- This girl is a rockstar! Take home the gold AND set a world record!?! Beast mode!
  3. Jordyn Wieber- I don’t care if she made it in the top two for USA or not, this girl is still a phenomenal gymnast! I got all teary when she didn’t make it and was crying. I felt so bad for her. But ya know what, she is gonna step it up and stick it in every single event on Tuesday!
  4. USA Women’s Football Team- Basically. We. Are. Unstoppable! <33


What’s been your favorites so far? ^^ Those are mine!! :)

5 Responses

  1. Yay for a A! and the only reason my blogs are up early is because I am doing them in advance b/c school starts again on Monday and I am going to be posting at 8pm too (if I even get to post at all some days) Trying to be smart and schedule things…its hard!!

  2. I’m so happy your bestie is leaving to seek the help she needs. You’ll have her back in no time!!

    Ewww.. hate laundry but I swear I do it allll the time!!! it never leaves me alone! WAHHH!!

    I thought Jordan did great in her routines… made me cry when I saw her cry as she watched the scoreboard. It’s so cut throat trying to be happy for your teammate but oh so sad you didn’t make it :/

    Hope you had a fantab monday girlie!

    xoxo, Bev

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