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Let me just say… I miss you all! And I can’t wait until school is over so I can rejoin everyone in the bloggy world. :) Only two more weeks until finals! Oh my gosh. I can’t believe it.

 So… how was your Thanksgiving week? Mine was so so great!

 We left last Tuesday and went to Austin and stayed 2 nights. It was so great to get away and relax. Wednesday was our 2 year anniversary. *awww* I can’t believe its already been 2 years! So crazy. Wow. :)

 Here’s some pictures of what we did while we were in Austin…

On the road!!

Tuesday night we walked over to the capitol.

And then we devoured the most delicious organic burger & cheesesteak!
Wednesday. Happy Anniversary Day! ;)

And we are kids still. We went and raced go karts on our anniversary, duh!

Ready to go!

We had sooo much fun!

 On Tuesday night we went and walked over to the Capitol – about 5-6 blocks from our hotel. We were able to go in still, but not take a tour that night so we went back the next day and did that. After walking around the capitol we walked back towards our hotel and ate at Wholly Cow! The most amazzzing burger place in Austin. Seriously. Go there! 
 After that we jumped in the car and went to see a movie. And yeah… why aren’t there that many good movies in theater right now? … we went and saw Wreck it Ralph. :D haha. We would’ve seen Skyfall but Brannon had already seen it.. although we still might go watch it now, cuz I want to see it. :)

 Wednesday we go up and worked out a little (me a little _ him 4miles plus weights *overachiever*) And then we got ready and went and took a tour of the Capitol and then walked over to UT and wandered around the campus.
 Then we came back, got the car, and went to K1 Speedway. :D … it was too intense for me. Everyone was all mean and uptight. Psh. Just give me the little kids go-karts. That would be better for me. Let me bump people and drift around the corner! … Yeah, I got in trouble for both. haha.
 After that we drove back and got some dinner and relaxed in the hot-tub. The hotel it seemed like we had it all to ourselves. We went to the gym/pool twice and no one was ever there!

 Then on Thursday morning we packed up and drove to Arlington(Dallas) for Thanksgiving. :)

 I’ll post more photos tomorrow about the ICE! Exhibit we went to on Friday at the Gaylord Hotel in Dallas. So much fun, but omw… 9 degrees in there. I was freezing! :D

 Happy Monday!! 
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