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Hi everyone! Happy Mondayyyyyy, the start of another fabulous week. . .
(Can we go back to Saturday?)
Nope… guess not.
Well, I haven’t really given everyone an update on me and what’s going on in my life, so I thought today would be a good day to do that.
School has been going pretty good. Did I mention to you all yet that there is wayyy to much drama this semester? Really, its kind of crazy! I’ve never experienced this in college before, its quite bizarre. I thought college was when you grew up and started acting like adults? Apparently not. And apparently, some of the older “adults” have gone back to acting like they’re in high-school. *smh* Makes me wish I had enough money to go to a really nice design school. Like, the Art Institute! Anyone wanna donate to tuition? :)
Classes are going good though. Pretty sure I’m making all A’s so far, so that’s great. :) I’m working on some pretty neat projects. Working on an article for my magazine right now and I’m doing it on Art Journaling. I’m excited to see how it comes out! Also going to be doing 3 websites by the time the semester is done… Sounds kinda stressful to me right now, but its gonna be neat to see how they come out.
Really good! My boss and co-worker are great and so much fun to work with! I’ve been working on some really awesome projects that are going to look great for my portfolio. Also, my boss paid me a really awesome complement about my work yesterday so that was just… amazing. Made my day week semester!
 Brannon just got done running a 10miler race last weekend. :) So proud of him. Idk how he does it, and loves it still. Crazy to me! :) Right now we’re talking about planning a trip for my graduation next year. Sometime next September. I know… it’s a long ways away, but we’re really excited for a nice vacation! :)


  Hope you all had a great weekend! <3

Happy Monday!!

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  1. Idk how people run for long periods of time either. I run out of necessity to get in shape and it’s a struggle to get through 20 mins without getting bored!

  2. ewwww… hate school drama!!! especially in college… I agree friend. it shouldn’t be that way at all, but guess what? some people just don’t care to change and you gotta move about your ways with or without em!!

    glad to hear work is swell though… compliments go a long way especially when you’ve been working super hard like you have!

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