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 Happy October 1st everyone!! Can you believe it? Because, I sure can’t. Its kinda freakin’ me out! Where has the time gone? Sheesh. It is starting to get nice and cool outside. Finally. Hopefully we wont see the 90s again until May. Doubtful. But my hopes are high!

 My internship is going great! I really love it. My boss is fabulous, my co-worker is great. Its just awesome. I am learning sooo much and I feel like I have grown so much in just the past month. I am excited for what is more to come. I can’t believe I’ll be graduating next semester!!! Wow. Just. Wow.

 So does anyone have any plans for October? Today, I am starting INSANITY! Gah!! I’m nervous guys. Have you done it before? I was finally convinced to start when I saw a friend this weekend that I haven’t seen in months and she has lost 20lbs and looks amazing!! All from insanity. That was enough to convince me. Plus we will be able to work out together and keep each other accountable, plus do the exact same workouts together, even if we aren’t together. Ya know what I mean?… Because its on DVD. But we follow a plan. :)) Yeah, now you get it. Sorry for being confusing.

  I’ve lost a few pounds since school has started, but I’ve been seriously lacking in the exercise department. Mostly because I’ve just been worn out, and unmotivated. But Brannon is having to get more serious with his running training, so I’m glad I am starting this. Hoping to look amazing by our second anniversary (nov. 21st). 2 months. Lets do this!

I’m ready for that smile!

What are your plans for October? Lets make it Epic!

Happy Monday! <3
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  1. I am so glad your internship is going great! I know how you feel about graduating, I will be gradutaing this Decemeber and I am so excited!

  2. Very proud of you for working out, your internship, graduating next semester and your 2nd anniversary! Looking forward to spending some “fall” time with you…when we can. Pumpkin lattes and pumpkin goodies (healthy of course!). Christmas shopping time coming soon!
    Love you tons!!!

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