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                                                            Already fell in love… can we still do the rest? <3

Oh Monday,  you came all too soon.

 I had a really nice relaxing weekend. Until I started getting sick yesterday. *sad* Feeling pretty yuk today. Sooo tired, and achey throat, head, and ears. Bleh. Can’t wait to get back home.

 School is going good. First day of work was Friday and it went good I think. Worked on getting the office set up, had a few meetings discussing things we were going to be working on and figuring out a good process for taking in orders from clients. I think its going to be such an awesome experience working there.

 One thing I have to work on is getting more comfortable doing design work. I’m used to working at home by myself in my own space without anyone looking at my work until its done. We were working on a design to go on our wall in our office and having someone looking at my work while I’m in the middle of it can be a good thing… if I’m doing something wrong. Or it can be very nerve wracking. So… just going to get used to it!

I read the first part of a book called “The Happiness Project.” I didn’t buy the book (honestly because I have two books at home that I need to finish already). However, I liked a concept that she had. For every month at the beginning of the month she set about 5 things she wanted to focus on during that month. Whether it was getting exercise in every week, organizing a room, or whatever.

 What I liked MOST about this was that a lot of it had to do with taking time to enjoy the things that are around us right now. Be in the moment. Are you mindful or mindfull? Think about it.

 Do you set goals for each month? How about each week?

   This week:

  • Organize my clothes. That way I can view what I have and appreciate them. Also donate unused clothes. Helping myself appreciate what I have, and helping someone along the way. Bonus! 
  • Go for a walk with Brannon. 
  • Drink coffee or tea on our patio together one evening and just relax. 
  • Draw something every day. 
  • Email my aunt. 

 Those are doable. Now, I have to write them down and put them on the fridge so I am constantly reminded of them.

 Want to join me in some light easy goal setting this week?

Happy Monday! <3 
PS- if you’re waiting on an email from me. Will be working on that tonight.

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  1. love your realistic weekly goals girlie!! Wouldn’t it be just blissful to sip on some coffee one morning with your hubs on the patio? THEN work comes early has heck, and BOOOOM! no time :/ I know you can make the time though.. weekend or not, you’ll get it done!

    happy monday! xo, Bev

  2. I love this!! Definitively going to start doing this in the coming days & weeks. && I’ve gotta read that book. I’ve heard it’s a good one, :) thanks for sharing your thoughts!!! Enjoy your new job :)

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