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Hi lovelies! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I sure did, this weekend I…

  • Went to a celebratory dinner with my Family on Friday night.

    • (to celebrate my new job of course!!)
  • Laundry, and house cleaning
  • Re-arranged a couple of rooms, we moved the office to the front room in our house, so now we have the other room to be set up as a workout room!
  • Church :)
  • Work Clothes shopping! Woop woop. I got two different bottoms to give me options. No shirts this time, gonna have to work with what I have until pay day. :)

    • Yeah- did I mention it’s a paid internship?!
  • Dinner and FOOTBALL with the family! :))


My new at home office. Décor in progress.

So, ya want to know more about my job? :D I start today!! Eeek. So as you’re reading this say a prayer for me that all is going perfectly!

I found out about the job opening on Tuesday of last week. My professor on Tues/Thurs mornings for Digital Publishing II told us that she was looking for an intern. It’s a brand new program that is being started at the school, and its designed to give college students more experience. So, she asked us if we were interested to give us a link to our portfolios. So, I went home and fixed and added stuff to my portfolio and gave it to her, along with my phone number, on Thursday morning. She called me at 2:45 on Thursday afternoon and asked me to come in on Friday to talk to her about the position.

So I was so excited and freaking out that she called me back that quick!! I couldn’t wait to tell Brannon that I got to go in for an interview. So after panicking about what I was going to wear, waking up early to get ready and make sure I was there in plenty of time… I got there 10 min. early, went to the interview. AND GOT THE JOB!!! Gahh!! It was so awesome. My boss/professor is so great!

I feel like I can relate to her, I like her designs and vision, and I can’t wait to learn more from her. Um, in the interview she even was like, “Oh! I created a Pinterest board with ideas to decorate the office, you want to see?” UM YES! How awesome is that?  I was like yea! I am a a pinterest addict. She was like, really? I just got on! … crazy lady. She’s gonna become addicted, just give her a couple weeks. :)) But yeah, she showed me the board she made and it even had a few pictures on there that I had pinned for my office. Coooooll

Yeah, we get to decorate the office. Even moreee fun! We’re going to make this huge typeography vinyl to go on the main wall. Gonna look so awesome. Can’t wait! I will take pictures and show you all as soon as we’ve finished everything. We’re in a reall nice office space all to ourselves. One big room with an area for a creative lounge, and an office for my professor/boss.

I will be doing Graphic Design, designing and printing flyers and posters that the Staff and Faculty at my college need. The team I’m working with consists of my professor, myself, and one more person she is going to hire.

I’ll be working 20 hours a week after I get out of classes, and it is a paid internship. So awesomesauce on my resume, a humongous boost to my portfolio, and extra cash each month.


I cant wait to tell you guys all about how my first day went!

Have you ever done an internship before? If so, any advice, tips, what to do/not to do? OH! And do you have any cute outfit ideas for business casual? I’m trying my best, because since it is a creative job, I don’t want boring clothes, but yet I have to keep it professional. So if you have any tips or ideas, or you’ve got a blog post about it, let me know- help a girl out! :))

Happy Monday Everyone!!

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  1. Congratulations on your internship! Ammon works in the Chemistry lab of one of his professors, and it’s seriously the best gig ever, because it’s super flexible around his school schedule. Hope your professor is just as awesome!

  2. So proud of you! I know you will find cute things to wear. You always look cute! :-)
    Dress like you would for Sunday morning…? The only bummer is going to classes first…Hmmmm. I’m sure you will figure it out. Maybe have to carry a change of shoes.
    Love you!

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