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Monday Inspiration


Monday Confessions:

  • I woke up this morning not knowing what day it was. Then wished it was Saturday. Then the grogginess cleared and I realized it was Monday.
  • I really want coffee right now, but I have to drink it with like… 100 calories of creamer. So… I’m trying to fight it.
  • I woke up with my left knee hurting. Hoping I just slept wrong. #strangeness #achegoaway
  • I sometimes use hash tags in blog posts… pretty sure that shouldn’t happen.
  • I blog post for that day, that day. I.E. I don’t schedule my posts as much as I should. I need to work harder on that because I want to bring my readers more consistency.
  • Today. I’m going to start an art journal. Hobby Lobby here I come. I will not spend more than $20. #gonnabetough
  • I’ve put off registering for classes because I keep praying they add more. These times suck. Seriously, a 4 hr. gap in between classes? *smh* Fall semester is gonna be a pain in the butt.
  • I bought glitter.
  • I bought sequins.
  • I’m not an “I love shiny things” person… At. All.
  • Confession. It was for the art journal class I’m taking online. :)


Do you always read blogs at certain times during the day, and do you find yourself reading blogs that post at a consistent time each day, more often than not?  Maybe its not that important, and I’m thinking it is. Maybe I need to do it for myself and to put myself on a regimen more than it is about making sure I have posts up by 9am every morning. Because really, unless I write it the day before, its not gonna be up by 9am. But then… I wake up in the morning and think of more things I want to tell you all! So… save it for the next day? I might forget. Although, I could go ahead and write it for the next day.

…. I think I need to see a blog therapist.

On a note about art journaling. I know once I make my first one, I am going to be obsessed, hooked, a freak making journals all the time!!! So… if they are really cute and just ready to be filled with beautiful things, would you want to purchase an art journal? Or would you rather make your own.

Because… once I go into this art journal making frenzy, I might need to sell some. Or hubs will kill me dead.

I really am serious. Would you want one? lol

This week, fill your world with things that inspire you! Go outside for a walk. Or if you live in one of the hottest most humid places in America (like I do..) then go for a beautiful scenic drive! :) Take pictures. Organize your desk so you don’t see clutter, but instead see color!

Here is how my desk looks!

Photo 1

  1. My Smashbook, doodle inspiration books, and 2 of my 3 sketchbooks. The ones here are for school, and one is a mixed media book.
  2. Color! In the form of cheap markers in a cute glass vase. :)
  3. My Blog Binder. It’s a cute binder that try’s to keep me focused. It has its work cut out for it. (it it it it it… I said that a lot)
  4. Inspiring magazines. The ones here right now are Mollie Makes and the Wedding excerpt from Mollie Makes.
  5. “Vintage” watch tins from fossil watches. I keep odds and ends in these. They’re so cute to look at.


Photo 2

  1. Original Art Work.
  2. Mason jars filled with pretties!
  3. My electronic lovelies. Ginormous computer screen & lovely iphone. (PS. My iphone case has a moustache on it. It seriously rocks my world.)


Confession:  I just typed a bunch of random stuff and deleted it because… its too much for anyone to handle on a Monday morning.

I think I need a nap.


:)) Happy Monday!!! 

7 Responses

  1. “I bought glitter. I bought sequins.” You’re my hero. :) And I’m totally the same way with my blog posts. Maybe I should find a blog therapist too!

  2. Lovely post :) I woke up wishing it was Saturday too! What I could do with some more R&R!

    Your desk is so organized! You’ve inspired me to get my desk into an orderly fashion. I’m curious about that blog binder too, that seems like it helps a lot to keep focus. I may have to try it out, any pointers?

    Love & Whimsy

  3. I like randomness in blog posts…. though weekly features can be cool they can often get pretty predictable too! I read blogs at all times of day so like when there are new posts at all times of day!

    And good luck keeping it under $20…. I can never do that as hard as I try. Hapoy Monday! :)

  4. I loved this post. It’s light and fun for a Monday morning. Your question about reading blogs at a certain time? I check my blog feeds about a hundred times a day. If you post between 6am and 10pm, I’ll probably read within an hour. If you post after 10pm, I’ll be reading around 6am. I may just be obsessed with reading blogs. Perhaps I should put more time into writing my own, rather than reading others? No. Then I’d miss fun posts like this!

  5. Glitter and sequins! What else can be wrong in this world? Love the organization you got goin’ on with your lovely desk!!

    P.S. I SUCK at resizing and honestly have uploaded my button to the size you requested a billion times.. no luck hunnay :/ WOMP I know but if it means losing a spot in Aug, don’t worry… I understand. I just cannot get it any other way besides the way it’s coming up on my computer :(

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