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Monday Recap

Oh Monday…

 ^ This was probably not as funny as I thought it was, right? haha

 Monday Recap:
 The kids group at our church is called, Mighty Kids. 
 This Sunday we were in between curriculum, so I decided it would be a great opportunity to talk to them about, What is a Mighty Kid? 
 I wanted to help them understand their full potential, what awesome things they can accomplish when they were little, and just to hopefully inspire them for this week. We talked about how Mighty Kids should be nice to everyone, share, help others, and much more. 
 I think this is something good for all of us to be reminded of. We are all Mighty Kids of God. Whether we are 4 or 40. God see’s us, full of potential, just waiting for us to go out and do great things! I was encouraged myself by this talk with the kids. I want to be someone that helps others, a person that others look to for help, and one that people can depend on. 
 This summer I want to get the kids more involved in helping their community. Maybe organizing a day we can go pick up trash at the park, and then having a play day to reward them. Another I would like to do is get the kids to make or donate something to give to children that are in the hospital. I want to get the kids involved and show them that they can make a difference in others lives. 
 What about you? What are ways that you can give back to others around you, and your community? 
 I am so inspired daily by Ashley over at The Shine Project. You should definitely check out all the awesome things she is doing, if you haven’t already.
 Do you have any ideas on how to give back for you personally, or maybe an idea I can use with my Kids group? I would love to hear about it! 

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