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Today I am linking up with one of my blog besties – Rachel @ lalalists to share my opinion. About. A lot of things. :)

  1. Nikita is an awesome show.
  2. Insanity is TORTURE. Yet. I l-o-v-e it! I did it 5x last week. Working on that again this week!
  3. This Nail Polish  Is gorgeous, and I want it.
  4. Nail polish should be stronger and not chip as much. I can’t keep it on my nails for more than 4 days. #smh
  5. It needs to be COLD November – end of February. Spring can come in March.
  6. Artful Blogging is the best magazine ever.
  7. Mollie Makes is also the best magazine ever.
  8. Iphone cases should not be as expensive as they are. How about this $92 million dollar one?
  9. Pinterest is amazing.
  10. Police officers need to have ego checks.
  11. This looks like the most scrumptious thing ever.
  12. Walls should take less time to paint. Or be clickable so they change colors whenever you want.
  13. Chocolate should be calorie free.
  14. Welfare needs to be monitored much more closely.
  15. When someone offers you a job and you say no because you’re getting money from the government for unemployment, something’s gotta change.
  16. Kids need to have time for Art & PE for school.
  17. Kids are in school for way to long. 8am-3pm (or longer) a day? And then homework on top of that? Sometimes it boggles my mind. That’s a ton for an elem kid.
  18. The DMV needs more ppl working there.
  19. Nap time should be something everyone gets everyday.
  20. Pillow fights rock. And they should make pillows that will explode with feathers if you hit someone with it.

What is on your mind today? :)

Happy Thursday! <3 00

3 Responses

  1. This is excellent! I dont give my kids homework… too many dont know what they are/ if they are eating dinner… its cray cray out there… we can learn in my class!

  2. I just added that nail polish to my wishlist! So gorgeous!

    I don’t know about you, but I could think of a million better things to do with $92 million. haha.

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