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Everything’s better with coffee right? ^ I think I need some because I am doing a lot of “newish” things and feeling frustrated with a lot of them as well.

Newish Stuff

  1. Starting on a good note- look at this awesome new blog design! I am really happy with it, it feels very “me.” yahoo!!  Yesterday I kept closing the window and then opening it all the time to look at it. haha 
  2. I have started using this awesome website called Wunderlist. Its  amazing for keeping you on track throughout the day. You just type in what you need to get done for the day/week/year/certain projects, yada yada. And then you can cross them off and they’ll go below. Its pretty fabulous. For someone that is on the computer constantly for work, this helps a lot. 
  3. Speaking of work… So you guys know that I have been working from home. Well, the month of June was AWESOME. I got signed up with a company as a contractor and was super busy. Now… its come to a lull. So I have been working like mad to get my website up and running and it will be up this week. I have been looking for freelance work constantly, I swear I even do it when its the weekends, when I’m supposed to be relaxing, all the frickin’ time. So I’m praying things start turning up quickly. I’ll show you guys when my website is done, I’m pretty pumped about it! So if you know of anyone that needs any design work done (both print and web related) let me know! I’m taking any lead I can get.
  4.  I started working out again… if you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve noticed.

   I’ve been going to the gym or doing Zumba pretty consistantly! I’ve been working out probably 5 days a week again. Its been so awesome. I feel so much better and I’m getting addicted again. I am almost done with the 30 day squat challenge and my thighs are solid! So glad I did it and stuck with it. Now I’m trying to figure out what to do when I finish it. I’ve been counting calories again, but omw I need someone to hold me accountable on that end. I do it on livestrong.com. Anyone wanna join me? I need a buddy on there.

Also- ZUMBA is so much fun! I am so glad I get to go do it tonight, because I need it after Monday.

Last but not least…  I am offering 50% off all of my ad spots. Yes, even the small one! So my ads are as cheap as $2.50! And I give you a guest post and giveaway option on any size ad you purchase. Pretty awesome eh? 
 Just use code: “julymakeover” 
Happy Tuesday!

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