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New Year–New Blog


If you’re anything like me, your head starts going crazy with all the different ideas you have. For me, that consists of ideas for my house, for my health, for our home, for my career, and for my blog. If you take those things and multiply them by about 20 ideas that you have for each… you might start to go a little nuts. So if you know me- you  know that I am addicted to notebooks and writing. I write lists, post it notes, to do notes, quotes, all kinds of crazy things everywhere. My office is either in a state of complete order or total chaos. (might be the latter right now…) 

So I have started to make more lists of things that I can share with you! Because if you suffer from this, its helpful if someone will point you in the right direction for certain things.

First off- lets talk Blogging. Because we all love it and want to make our blogs be the best they can be this year, right?! If not… don’t mind me, I’m just starting a list for things to make your blog awesome.

Don’t worry- this list CAN be accomplished in just a few weeks!


This will change the life of your blog. If you start writing down those ideas you have randomly throughout the day,and plan on writing them and posting them on a certain day, you’re going to feel inspired, and your blog is going to improve drastically. Planning will have you searching for great ideas, and then following through with them! Instead of coming up with those awesome ideas and forgetting to share them with the world. Be the superhero! Share them with us!

How to do this? Buy a planner specifically for your blog. Or – you can print out these cute printable I made for you, ones I print out and put in a cute blue binder for The Thing About Joy.

Download Here

2. Set GOALS

Now – you’ve got your nifty planner. What do you do? Well I want you to as yourself the follow questions:

  • Why am I blogging?
  • What do I want to accomplish with my blog?
  • Where do I want my blog to be in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year from now?

Set goals for your blog, and write them down! If you write them down and put them somewhere you’ll read several times a week, chances are that you’re going to be more likely to make them happen. Write them down and put them next to your computer, or in your blog planner binder. Make your goals realistic, but don’t be afraid to dream as well! You can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

3. Do your homework

Don’t click away!!! Blog homework is fun work! Because that means you get to read some really awesome stuff that will INSIRE YOU!

Here’s some Books to get ya started:booksyoumustread1. Blog Inc   I have read this book and it is so inspiring! Make sure to take lots of notes, and dream big dreams. I LOVE Joy Cho and her blog. Ugh, and her instagram? Seriously, she has the cutest little girl ever.

2. Blogging for Creatives  I think that every blogger has creativeness in their genes. You love doing creative things, whether that is writing, designing, DIY, photography, baking, or anything else! I’ve gotten about 1/2 way through this book, and I’m working on finishing up this one by the end of the month. What I’ve read so far, I’ve loved! (hint: If I’ve bought the book- that means I sat at barnes and nobles and read at least 1 chapter, and skimmed the whole book and got hooked, so I bought it.)

3. A Beautiful Mess: A Photo Idea Book If you love photography for your blog (and I honestly think that photos on your blog can make or break your blog… more on that later)  then this book is a must buy. You simply pick up the book and you are inspired! Seriously, you don’t even need to read this book to be inspired. (although- I suggest you read it, because there are awesome tips in there) Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur. I think this book is completely inspiring for both!  They show you how you don’t need to have a fancy camera to capture beautiful moments. I just bought this book this past weekend and I am ready to sit down with my post it notes and go to town! (Also- I am needing to buy a tripod & camera remote… so this book may want you to buy that as well…)

4. Get a Blog Makeover

New year- New blog, right? Take a look at your blog design and see if there are areas you can improve. You can either DIY your blog look, or hire someone to help you out. (shameless plug- I design blogs, check out my rates HERE) You don’t need to spend a lot of money to touchup your blog. I suggest starting with a new header and background, and then adding elements as you can! A little bit of really good design can go a long way.

In fact… you’ll see my blog get a facelift this week. *Yahoo!*

I hope this post left you inspired! Expect to see more tips for your blog this month. That’s one of my blog goals- share my knowledge with you all!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. You seem to have read my mind too. I just put up a new header, revamped my media buttons and am trying to get a new background to work, and I sat down and did the planning thing a few days ago! lol

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