My mom and I have a lot of similarities. One thing for sure is we both have a shoe obsession. And she got me started off at a young age. One of these day’s I’ll have to get out some old baby pictures of mine to show you guys. Just think… huge poofy dresses! Idk how she held me, because there was so much poof, it was like where did the cute baby go?

Naw. I just looked like a cute little poofy princess. :)

Now. My birthday is in June. You may send money my way so I may purchase all of the shoes above. And all the rest on my Pinterest Board. :)


Happy Wednesday Shoesday!

Oh and don’t worry.. Our Love Story will continue tomorrow. :) 

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  1. Lovin those shoes!!!!! I have an obsession for wedges, since I am short and heel challenged, wedges are my jam!!!! Sigh….hehe

    xoxo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  2. When I saw the first pair of shoes my brain went Ahhhhhh!!! Shoes!!! Then I read your post. Had to laugh.
    Love you tons!

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