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Olive and Gold Fall Outfit

Olive green fall fashion

Jeans: NY and Co | Tank & Sweater: Banana Republic Outlet | Shoes & Sunglasses: TOMS | Scarf: Gift

Transitioning to fall when you live in Houston isn’t easy. At the last minute we took a quick trip to Minnesota this past weekend. We left on Friday morning and got home on Sunday night. It was so good to see my family. Distance is really hard, especially for this girl that is very family oriented. I’ve been away from them for periods of time before, but it never gets easier. In fact, I think it might get harder.

When we stepped out of the airport on Friday, the first thing I said was “Oh my gosh, its cold!!” I was decked in my “Houston Fall Attire.” Which means jeans, flats, and a 3/4 sleeve top. I don’t think it got out of the 50s while we were there. No, I take that back, it got colder at night. :)

I grew up in Colorado. I lived there from 5-17y/o. Snow was normal, and gorgeous fall leaves that transitioned from green to bright orange and fiery red were something everyone always looked forward to. I was so excited to see that again! As we were coming in for a landing I just kept going on and on about how gorgeous all the trees were. And then on the drive to their house, and in their neighborhood… Fall is my favorite season of the year, especially if I’m not in Houston, and somewhere more north. (heh, anywhere is more north than Houston!)

But here in Houston, transitioning your wardrobe for fall isn’t easy! You have to do LIGHT layers. Not heavy ones, very light ones. A thin top, and sweater. If its a 3/4 sleeve sweater, that’s probably best.

So how about you? Where do you live, and if you’re in a southern state, what are your must have’s for transitioning to fall?

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  1. We’re the same way here in Baltimore. Growing up in north central Indiana and going to college in Syracuse, NY, I spent 22 years of my life in cold and snow. Now that we’ve been in Baltimore for 8 years, I’ve noticed that each year I’m acclimating to warmer temperatures more and more. Fall is definitely hard to transition into– it’s warm throughout September and most of October (as in high 70s and sometimes even low 80s). November rolls around and the sun keeps things warm still, and then one week things will just snap and we’ll go from warm 70s to 50s and that’s how it is until March. Either way, it’s hard to stay cool with normal fall clothes, so I go with booties, flats, 3/4 sleeves like you, thin leggings with shorter dresses and skirts, or maybe a light cardigan if it’s cooler. Once November rolls around though, I’m definitely busting out the knee high boots and sweaters (and probably complaining too much to my husband about how cold it is). :)

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