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On Soreness & Sponsors

Hi everyone!

Can I just say… HOLY MOLY IM SO SORE!!!

I am totally lovingggg my weight lifting class. But today, wow, I am so sore. My back and arms. Dying. Yesterday I was a little sore, today, *whew.* But its worth it! I have been working really hard and pushing myself every day this week and I am so proud of myself! Plus, my diet has been right on target! Feeling awesome! Tomorrow I’ll share more with you about my workout routine and eating plans from this week. So check back for that!




Also, starting next week I am doing a week long Art Journaling Class! Its online, created by the lovely Kara at I Just Might Explode.  I am taking the class called Play That Song.  Have you heard about it, are you taking it? If so, let me know!! I’d love to be buddies next week and share pictures and ideas! :))



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Now, I get to introduce to you two of my July Sponsors. They purchased the “grande” sponsor spot and I am so glad they did! I have loved having them on my sidebar this month. Would you like to sponsor me in August? I’d love to have you! You can view all of my sponsorship options HERE.

First up is Rachel:


I’m Rachel from Life in the Moment. I’m a 28 year old Wisconsin native living in the wilds of Arizona.  My blog is just that, my life in the moment. I blog about a whole mess of things! 

Teaching is my love and passion, I’m a sucker for funny kid stories.

Around these parts, expect to find: fashion, food (mostly veggies), DIY, my friends and family, funny stories, youtube videos, excessive use of exclamation points, and Jesus!

Stop by for a little bit of this and that and experience a moment in my life.


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Next up, Malo!


Hello readers! First, let me thank Bree for letting us have a little space on her lovely blog. Thanks girl!

My name is Malo and I blog at Life Feels Good in Portbail Beach. I am a twenty-something teacher living in France. I’m French and I live in Portbail which is situated in Lower Normandy. It is a small port and we are lucky to live 300m far from the beach.

I have been teaching English for three years now and I love my job. Teaching requires many qualities, among which being organized, which I’m not at all but I am patient and always ready to listen to someone.

I’m fond of British and American history (which I studied at college), a huge fan of British band Blur and I have a strong and devastating addiction for movies and TV series. Right now, I would kill for one more episode of Mad Men.

Let’s keep the best for the end, I’m engaged to Ludo and we are getting married on the 17th of August, 2013. We’re so excited for the big day!

Thanks for reading. See you on my blog!



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One last thing! As of today I have opened up my design shop! You can view it HERE.

Also- if you sponsor me, you will receive a 10% off discount for any design purchased during the month you sponsor me!

(sponsor swaps do not apply) 

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  1. That journaling class sounds awesome! You’re going to have to tell us all about it. And now you’re motivating me to get back to the gym…even though I’ll get sore afterwards, it’ll be a good soreness, right?

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