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Our Anniversary

I’m so glad my friends hung out with us last week and told us part of their love stories.

You can read Hubs & I’s entire live store HERE!

So I figured to end our love fest going on over here on the blog, I’ll answer the questions too.


What was the first thing you noticed about Brannon when you met him?

His smile. Seriously. If you know him you know that he is always smiling and he has the most gorgeous smile. I always tell him that I love to make him laugh because it lights up my world when I hear that laugh.

When did you realize this guy was “the one?”

When we almost split up about a year and a half into our relationship. I just knew that he was the one I wanted to be with for the rest of my life or I wouldn’t be fighting for this argument to not ruin what we had. Once everything was fixed I think we both realized that this was is. :)


What was your favorite part of your wedding?

Finally getting into the reception and sitting down and relaxing with him for a moment. I think we got to sit for almost 10 minutes, haha. Getting into the reception was horrible due to pictures taking forever and then they couldn’t get my train fixed … long story. Also- HIRE a wedding planner. Just do it.

So yeah, once we made it in and got to sit down and see each other that was the best part.  The rest of it was a mad blur of trying to get pictures with everyone and saying hi to every table. Chaos. I was so wore out. Also- my suggestion? Do a “first look” before the ceremony. Looking back on it now I would’ve pushed Brannon to do it. Would’ve helped so much. The wedding day is all about YOU TWO and I felt like it was more about ceremony, procedure, and a schedule. It was exhausting and my nerves would’ve been way better if I had gotten to see him before. :) *and that is your wedding tip of the day*


How was your first year of marriage?

Um. HARD. But hey- we made it! :) We got married in November,  Brannon graduated in December. My family moved to Maryland in January. We bought a house in June in Houston. And getting used to living together and being with each other all the time. While I don’t avidly promote it, I can say that I do understand why couples live together before getting married. But- long distance didn’t help that either. If we had lived near each other I think it would’ve been a lot easier to transition into. lol. Yet we always look back and remember our apartment days and miss it. So you know that we had a lot of fun that year too. :)


Our first year. Approx. … March ‘11

Any advice to those that are engaged/just married?

Use a wedding planner.

Make sure you’re on the same page about everythinggggg. Income. School. Jobs. Family. Budget. Church. All of it. Otherwise whatever you miss talking about before hand, you’ll struggle with after.

Don’t be pressured to have kids! Take time for it just to be the two of you for as long as you want. You need that time to find out who you two are as a married couple, and to have fun!  We sure are, and we’re not listening to anyone that try’s to pressure us into having kids. We’re not ready, we are young and still like to randomly go out at 9pm and not have to look for a babysitter. :) Kids will come at some point, but not any point soon. Once they’re here, they’re here, and we’re not ready to share our time with each other yet. So don’t do it until you’re ready! :)



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  1. haha, oh the first year……… so much good and bad, tears and exhaustion, all crammed into 12 months :) I always tell people I absolutely do not recommend buying a house, having a baby, or anything else major in the first year. not leading youth group, nothing. we sure used to revel in the spontaneity of going out late, and definitely miss it now! we’ve been known to just take our kids along sometimes, though, doesn’t hurt for them to be able to be spontaneous, too =) blessings in your next year together!

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