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Our Story: Part 1

So, I’d say its about time I shared our love story, right? And since its the month of L-O-V-E, what better time to do it?

 It’s a long one, not one I can tell in one post, so we’ll call it a little series of posts.

 Want to know what happened before that kiss ^^ ? :) Keep reading to find out!

Lets go back in time…

 When I was 17, I decided to go to Bible College in St. Louis Missouri. I only went to school there for one year. It was an escape from a crazy family situation that was going on in Colorado, a chance to meet new friends, and hopefully grow up a little… I don’t think that last part happened, but the first two sure did!

 While I was in St. Louis my family moved to Houston, in January 2007. I got to come visit during spring break of that year. While I was hanging out with my mom and sister in the kitchen one day they started asking me about guys at school, of course my mom wanted to know. ;) Well, there wasn’t much to tell, so my mom decided to tell me that she found a guy for me at their new church. Jessica (my sister) yelled, don’t tell her don’t tell her!!

 My mom wouldn’t tell me who the guy was, except that she really liked him and wanted to see if I would be able to pick him out. We (my siblings and I) were going to youth service that night, and the “guy” was supposed to be there.

 Well, it was my first time to this church with my siblings.. and I think my cousin tagged along too. Anyways, we go there and sat down, and I looked around and didn’t really see any guy I’d be interested in, so I asked Jess if he was there? She said no.  Well. He wasn’t there yet. He came in late, and as soon as he came in, I knew it was the guy my mom was talking about. And when I asked Jess if that was him, she said yes.

 After youth service everyone went out to Applebees. I was soooo bored, down at one end of the table, trying to make small talk with these girls that were all younger than me. The “guy” was down at the very end of the table and seemed to be pretty popular to me. (cuz he was the cutest one after all..) Well this guy started talking to me. Okay we had put like 5 tables together, he’s at one end and I’m at the other end. So he starts asking me about school. I tried to talk to him, but I mean hello, there’s all these ppl between us and we’re at opposite ends of the table. Kinda awkward, no?

 So yeah, we left, I thought he was cute, but all the moms of the teen girls there seemed to have him pegged for all their girls (it was weird). So we left the restaurant and I didn’t talk to him anymore other than “bye, nice to meet you.”

 Spring break was over. Back to school for me.

 But then, there is the wonderful world of the internet. :) And a Christian “facebook” of sorts, called Linked-In. Well.. I found him, and we started chit-chatting, flirting, and just talking online for a few months.

 Oh yeah, and his name was Brannon.

 More to come next time!

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  1. Woo hoo Shout out to St. Louis!!! :) Ok…now that it’s out of my system…
    That is sooo adorable! Also awesome that your mom was that good at picking a guy out for you! I don’t think I could have ever married a man my mom picked out… Sorry mom! :/

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