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Our Story: Part 2

 So, we left off with this boy named Brannon and I chit-chatting on the internet. :)

 We talked for about one month, at first kinda slow, just feeling it out. After a week or two of that we started talking on gmail chat. We would talk almost every day, sometimes a couple times. Just small stuff, getting to know each other. Talking about what we were doing in school, talk about music, flirt… duh. :)

 Well it was getting towards the end of the semester and I was starting to pack up my dorm and get ready to go on “tour” with a group of kids from my school. No. We weren’t singing. We were all into childrens ministry. Our tour was a Puppet Tour. . . Don’t laugh. *hahaha*  So, yeah. We would leave from Missouri and travel to about 11 or so different churches and perform a puppet skit and Bible lesson to different groups of kids at these churches. It was a pretty awesome thing, even though it seems completely insane looking back at it now. . .

 Anyways, I told Brannon that I was going to be leaving to go on this tour and that I would have little or no access to the internet, so that if he wanted to talk to me he was going to have to CALL me.

 *This was the big test. Does this boy really like me?

 So, I gave him my number and either that day or later that week (can’t remember) I get this call from an area code in Texas. I answer the phone and it was the boy. :) Well. He was awkward. Haha. Like all he said was Hi, this is Brannon. And of course I’m all cute and chatty and like “hey! how are you?” well… he didn’t really want to talk, or he lost his nerve or something. He was like “I just wanted to make sure that this was the right number and that it worked.” I was like, “Yep, its me.” And…. that was pretty much IT. He was like okay, and that he needed to go.

AWKWARD right?! What a weirdo.

 Yet. He got online and chatted with me a couple hours later. . . Weird. I kinda figured he was done with it. *shrug* whatever. At that point in my life I was figuring out boys were strange and not to count on it too much.

 So I went on puppet tour. And the boy missed talking to me apparently. Because he called me the very first night we were out on the road. And we talked for at least an hour. And I had a bad case of the grins. :))

 The puppet tour must continue on right? Because at about day 5 or 6 of the tour we would be at my parents church. And the boy would be there.

 And………. that’s all for now. :)

 If you missed the first part of the story check it out here:  Our Story: Part 1.

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