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Our Story: Part 3

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So we have arrived in Texas. We are headed towards my parents church to get everything set up for that nights performance. I am anxious to see my family and nervous about performing in front of this boy. I mean, seriously, its a puppet show. How weird is that. The guy is going to think I’m so crazy.

(At the time, I didn’t think the puppet show was too weird, but looking back on it now, holy moly what a weirdo I was)

So anyways, we get all set up, get changed, and prepare to start the show.

So during the show we have a big two level puppet stage. We do an opening song with the puppets, then someone will go out and talk, and we had a skit that we would do (without puppets) and the puppets would do songs during the skits.

Then at one part we go out and sing a couple songs with the kids. We being me (the leader) and two of my friends. Yep. In front of the whole church. Yes we had a soundtrack, but I’m leading it all. And this time it was in front of the WHOLE church. Not just the kids. Everyone. Adults were there.

That was why I was nervous. The boy and my family, AND the church my parents (and soon to be me) went to.

Quite a first impression eh?

So, we finished the show. Nothing embarrassing happened. Oh wait. The whole show was crazy. Nevermind. :) But the kids loved it! And so did the adults. lol

Oh. And guess where the boy was sitting?

On the left.




So anyways. We finished the show right?

I go out and talk to my parents and they introduce me to some people. And I try to keep an eye out for the boy, because of course I’m gonna talk to him right? Of course he is going to come talk to me right?

The night goes on.

The boy leaves.

What the whaaaa?? Yep. He thought I was nuts. Crazy puppet chic.


Sadness turns to irritation. Irritation turns to me picking up the phone to see where he was at?! Because in the back they had food set up for everyone to hang out after church.  And he wasn’t there? Really. Geeze.

So yeah I called him! And I was like um, so did my puppet thing scare ya off? No.. apparently it was all my puppet friends I was hanging out with that made him nervous.

So needless to say. We didn’t talk to each other in person. He didn’t like the crazy puppet chic.

… bummer.

To Be Continued.

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