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Our Story: Part 4

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Well, the puppet tour was over and I was headed back home for the summer.  I had chatted with Brannon every once in a while on gmail still. I couldn’t figure this guy out. I mean, he seemed interested but why didn’t he talk to me in person?

After being home a couple weeks my sister and I went out shopping. While we were at a store I got a call from “the boy.” Hmm.. random. So I answer it and he just wanted to chat and tell me that he was going to be going out of town for about a week with his family so he wouldn’t be at church and wouldn’t get to see me.

 *cue dorky grins from the girl*

So he was interested?

Yeah. He was.

My parents church was getting ready for their summer VBS, and since I was focused on childrens ministry I offered to help out. I got a small group of people, my age, to put on a promotional skit to get the kids excited about VBS. Brannon just happened to volunteer.

Let me explain my location just real quick and I will include cities for my gals that live here in Texas. I lived in North Houston, on the very southern edge of Tomball which is 40 min south of where the church was (Magnolia). Brannon lived 25 min north of where the church is (in Montgomery). So our houses were about 1hr away from each other, (50 min if you got lucky at stop lights).

So, back to the story. The group of us were going to meet at the church one night to practice the skit. Brannon called me to ask me if he could pick me up and go get a drink and take me to the church. The retarded and rational sides of me argued with this scenario. I mean, hello, that doesn’t make any sense for him to come and pick me up, like thats 45 min out of his way? …

Duh, Bree. He doesn’t care. He likes you.

Even if he did show up 15 min late to pick you up…

Yes. I still pick on him about that to this day. :D

So yeah… he came and picked me up. :) Came in and said hi to my parents even! What a cute gentleman right?!

So we are driving back up towards the church and are going to stop and get some coffee on the way there. While we were driving he’s like do you like coffee? …

Erm… at the time, I HATED coffee. Hahaha.. Now I can’t get enough of it. How do our tastebuds change??

 So, I was like umm… no. And laughed. But I like Starbucks! And then spent the next 5 min convincing him that we could go to Starbucks because there were drinks other than coffee that I liked. He claims that I gave him a small panic attack and that he didn’t know what to do because I didn’t like coffee and he was taking me to get coffee. lol

 For my Texas gals, our very first date was at the Starbucks in Tomball. :)

And I was paranoid that it was going to be awkward! Like, oh my gosh what if we run out of things to talk about, what am I going to say, OH MY GOSH!!

 Yeah, I had a freak out before he picked me up.

 But ya know what? … Nothing like that happened! The coffee date went so smoothly and like totally normal for us to be getting coffee together. :)

Hehe, I wont end just yet. Calm down!

 So we went to the church for practice and that was fun because it was a group of kids my age and one of my soon to be besties was there too. Who of course was asking me all the details whenever Brannon walked out of the room. :)

 After that we left and went to grab dinner at Sonic. Casual and comfortable. Nbd.

 Then he took me home. And that was our night. Simple. Casual. Easy. Testing it out to see if “it” was there.

 Stay tuned to find out if it was or not….

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