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Our Story: Part 5

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  For the next couple months (end of June, July, & part of August) we talked, went on dates, and hung out with each other whenever we could. We weren’t official or anything, just talking, flirting, and hanging out.

 We didn’t hold hands until I think sometime in August.

 Oh August.

 So remember how I was going to college in Missouri? Well. The time had come for me to make a decision. Was I going to stay in Texas or was I going back to Missouri?

… I hated it in Missouri, honestly. So yeah. As sad as it was to say goodbye to all of my friends there (many of whom I haven’t seen since) It was time to move on.

 So yay! I’m staying in Texas, and I’m dating this really cute sweet guy. :)


 Brannon had finished his associates degree at the local college and was ready to transfer to get his Mechanical Engineering degree. And he was leaving Houston and moving to Arlington (Dallas) in mid August.

 Crap. Worst thing ever. I was scared to be in a long distance relationship/chatting thing. Honestly, we weren’t saying that we were together together, just dating. And I didn’t want to get strung along talking to this guy who was kinda into me, but was going to be living 4 hours away from me and meeting a whole bunch of new people (girls…). So yeah. I asked him.

 What are we? Are we just talking or are we dating? We both really like each other, and we’ve been dating for two months, and talking for more than that. So whats going on? Because I don’t want to get strung out while you go off to Arlington.

 Did I come on too strong? Is that crazy of me to do? Idk. Maybe/ But I had been “talking” to a guy before that went to college with me in Missouri and as soon as the distance came up, blech. It was ridiculous. So I was NOT doing that again. . . So that’s why I told Brannon all of that. I didn’t want to deal with that again and have him keep me “on the line” until he found a girl in Arlington.

 So this conversation happened probably the second week in August. He was still in town, but we had the conversation on the phone.

 Yeah, that conversation didn’t end well. :(

 He didn’t want to be in a relationship yet, and wanted to take things “slow.” . . . (how much slower could we go?) So I told him, I really liked him, but I couldn’t do that. I didn’t want to get hurt.

 … sad. I cried.

 We had a 3 day conference going on at our church that week. I wasn’t going to go every day to the conference, I only went one night, hoping that he’d be there…  We missed each other. He went on one day and I went on the other.

 But he asked my best friend about me. :) Not gonna lie, I was pretty excited when she told me that. I kept asking her over and over what exactly he said.

 I missed him. So it was pretty wonderful to find out he missed me too.

So … later that week, I called him.


dun dun dun :) stay tuned!

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