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Our Story: Part 6

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So… I called him.

 I missed him. And I wanted it to work out. And if he was asking about me, then I know he did to. But I knew he wouldn’t call since I’m the one that had closed the door…

I still remember that day. Crazy huh? Its been almost 6 years.

 My parents were gone, and I think a couple siblings were home. And I took the phone into my parents room (because at the time my room was in the front “office” that had been converted back to my room… looking back on it now, that was a pretty awesome room and I wish I’d done more with it) Anyways!

 I apologized and told him I missed him, and he said that he really missed me and wish I would’ve been at church the same night he was there because he wanted to see me.


 But we still have a problem right?

Well… we decide to try out the long distance thing. And see what happens.

 I didn’t see him before he left for school. I think he left the day or two after I talked to him.

So we chatted online again. Every day. I honestly can’t remember how often we talked on the phone, but I’m going to say we did every night to say goodnight to each other.

 School started. He was taking a full load at the University and I was taking a full load at a local college and working part time.  He was going into Mechanical Engineering, and I was going into Marketing. We were both going to be busy for a while.

 He got to come down a weekend or two into the semester, thank goodness class loads didn’t kill us that quickly at the beginning.

 We were going to see each other at a get together with our friends at a place called Main Event (My H-town gals, the one in The Woodlands).

 He was there. :) We kinda had our awkward grins and hi how are you’s… and I talked to one of our mutual friends while we were there and was told him, this is weird… He’s acting weird. I don’t know what to do.

 It was weird because we didn’t know where we stood. Do we go back to normal? Are we still close like we were before all the craziness happened? Our friend kinda calmed me down, and told me to give him a little bit to adjust and just act like everything was normal.

 So. I did. Thanks friend. :)

 Once again we were acting like a new little couple. Holding hands, and hanging out. He paid for all of my stuff at Main Event. (aww.. gentleman!)

 So… everything seemed to be okay. We’ll see how long this long distance thing can last…


 Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 7! Crucial turn of events. Eeek!!

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  1. Hey girl!!! You should totally turn this into a book :) You have such a cute way of writing. I’m so looking forward to the next installment of y’all’s story :)
    –Missy H

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