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Our Story: Part 7

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So, everything seemed to be going pretty good. Brannon of course had to go back to Dallas on Sunday for school on Monday. And we continued to talk on the phone and online all the time. I thought for a while… this might just work.

September came, and there was a college and career retreat for our church district. I was going, as well as about 6 other people from our church. I really wanted Brannon to drive down to it. It would be about a 2 hour drive for him. (Better than 4)

 So I drove up to the conference with a friend and we hung out that evening went to the service. Played a bunch of games.. And I called Brannon to see if he was coming.

 I don’t think he ended up showing up there until the next morning because of classes… and it seemed like I had to talk him into coming for some reason.. so that set an off weirdness for the weekend.

 Well that day we had a great time, everyone hanging out, eating gross food that was at this cabin conference thing. That evening came and we had service and then were all hanging out and playing games. At one point we went outside where they had a bonfire set up and volleyball, and some of the guys were playing catch with the football.

 After they got done playing we were walking back towards the indoor hangout area to warm back up (it was really cold at night!) and someone asked us (Brannon and I) how long we’d been a couple…
Well… I took a second to think about it, I mean, to me we’d been together for a few months right?

He answered before I said anything and said that we weren’t really together we were just “hanging out.”


I don’t hold hands with guys I’m just “hanging out” with. And I definitely wouldn’t be holding his hand or acting like a couple in front of other people like we had been the whole time at the conference.

Pissed would be an understatement. Other words to describe it… Mad. Sad. Hurt. Irritated. Done.

So still walking over towards the indoors, right after he says that he comes and walks by me, I think he knew I was fuming. He didn’t try to hold my hands after he said that.

 I kinda went one way and he went the other way for the next hour or so. My girlfriend I drove down with and a couple other people and I went walking around the campus area and yeah.. it was pretty awkward. They thought we were a couple. Heck. I felt like we were. Yeah. ugh.

 So. Brannon and I finally talked a little bit later that night and I asked him what was up. Because we’ve been talking and acting like we’re a couple for several months now. I  know you said you wanted to take it slow but I mean … whats up?

 He wanted to take it slow.

 So we both went to bed and I was pretty much done. I mean, come on. There’s something there. What is going on?

 The next morning we got up and got ready to leave. I went and said goodbye to him. And as he drove away I told myself I was going to give him 10 days. If he didn’t step up and do something about our relationship within that time period I was done talking to him.

And I promise you. I meant it.


Part 8 will be coming at the end of the week. :) Check back soon!

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